Adults 13 +

Adults 13 +
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There are many reasons why adults and teens everywhere have begun to use scooters as a form of transport. Micro quality and design, as applied to scooters for adults, has transformed the experience. Only a decade ago adults riding scooters may have looked and felt out of place - now they are more likely to look and feel smart. Scooting is at least twice as fast as walking, and in contrast to biking, is allowed on sidewalks because the ability to slow down and stop, instantaneously, makes scooters much more pedestrian-friendly. And, Micro's tall, smooth-gliding designs succeed in making riders feel, well, a little bit elegant. For those more interested in the practicalities, a foldable, portable, scooter is a compact form of wheeled transport that uniquely saves both time and money by completely eliminating the ubiquitous parking and storage challenges faced today by urbanites and suburbanites alike.

Micro Kickboard offers both 2-wheeled and 3-wheeled scooter designs to best fit the varying needs of riders. Micro scooters are designed with a variety of features to best suit your scooting requirements, like wheel size, wheel thickness, weight, height, maneuverability, and speed. One of our many teen & adult models are sure to fit your color and design expectations compact, If you want a kick scooter, but do not know which is the right fit for you, check out our inventory - we guarantee you’ll find a match. Adult and teen scooters all typically ship the next day, so purchase one today and be ready to ride later this week! Don't forget to stop by the accessories page and pick up a helmet. Ride safe, enjoy the newfound freedom of easy travel, and keep surfing the pavement!