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Scooter Heads

100% of 100

by Scootaheadz

  • All Scooter Heads are compatible with the Micro Mini, Micro Maxi, Micro 3-in-1, and the Micro Mini2go.
  • Scooter Heads are not compatible with the joystick option.
  • When using Scooter Heads, it is not safe and/or possible to use other accessories (baskets, bells, lights, etc)

These colorful funky accessories make your scooter extra special. They attach simply to your T-bar scooter, are waterproof, easy to clean and very, very long lasting. 

Lovely Lola is neighing with excitement. She wants to join you on every ride, come rain or shine. 

Pippa Pony rides again! Leave her outside the stables or the sweet shop and she won't mind.

Timmy T-Rex is ready to explore your local jungle. He’s strong and fearless. Mud, rain or large tropical bird droppings can do him no harm.

Danny Dino can't wait to join you on your expeditions. This Scootahead is a tough little creature, robust enough to withstand a little "desert" storm or a tad of ice age rain.

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