Scoot 'N Pull Strap

Only for use with the Micro Mini

The Scoot ’n Pull is a simple but ingeniously designed strap to help you look after your little ones while they ride their Micro Mini scooters. Bravo to Camilla Alban Davies, mother of two, for her ingenuity in developing and bringing the Scoot ‘n Pull to the market.

The Scoot ‘n Pull was designed to help parents of Mini-riding toddlers in 3 ways – to keep children close in busy areas, as an over-the-shoulder, hands-free strap for carrying the Mini home after a long day of scooting, or to pull a child along when they are just learning. The Scoot ‘n Pull is easy to use and easy to wash.

Made of quality fabric in 6 bright and bold colors – yellow, red, purple, green, pink and blue. The Scoot 'N Pull has been tested for safety by Bureau Veritas, a global leader in safety certification. 

Strap is 33" long with handle