My helmet doesn’t fit, can I return it?

Helmets purchased on our website are not returnable/exchangeable.  Please make sure to carefully measure the recipient’s noggin before ordering.  You will want to measure all the way around the head, just above the eyebrows.  If you are not confident in your measurement, please visit one of our retailers to try the helmet on personally.

Micro-brand helmets have the following sizing:

Small: 18.9" - 20.9"

Youth Medium: 20.9" - 22.4"

Youth Large: 22.4" - 24"

Nutcase-brand helmets have the following sizing:XXS: 18.5" - 19.5"

XS: 18.8" – 20.5"

Size S:  20.5"-22.5"

Size M: 22"-23.5"

Size L: 23.5" – 25"

Important Note: If a helmet is even a half-inch too big or small, it will not properly protect the head.  Please do not buy a size-up (ie too large) and plan on the recipient growing into the helmet— this creates a dangerous situation until the recipient has actually grown to the appropriate size.  Safety first!

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