I own a different brand of scooter. Will your spare parts fit?

Our parts are specifically manufactured by Micro-Mobility for use with Micro-brand scooters; this means that our parts are not going to be compatible with other brands of scooters. Our bolts, springs, brackets, and other parts are uniquely engineered (think things like length, material, shape) for usage solely with Micro-brand scooters.

Thus, please refrain from ordering our parts for non-Micro scooters; they are almost guaranteed not to fit and return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. Instead, we would encourage you to contact the manufacturer of your scooter for parts and service—this is always the safest approach. If your brand doesn’t offer such amenities, we’d say that this is a strong reason to choose Micro for your next scooter purchase.

Questions? Please let us know! Here is our contact info:


888-236-5657 (toll-free)

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