What size helmet do I need for child?

Rather than trying to “guess” what scooter helmet size is good for your kiddo, we strongly suggest measuring the circumference of your child’s head to ensure a snug fit. All of our kids scooter helmets are adjustable; this means that there is a range of about (2) inches of adjustability for each particular size. Our Micro-brand helmets, for instance, feature the following size ranges:

Micro V1 Helmet Sizes:

Small: 48 – 53cm (about 18.9 – 20.9 in)

Youth Medium: 53 – 57cm (about 20.9 – 22.4 in)

Youth Large: 57 - 61cm (about 22.4 - 24.0 in)

Micro V2 Helmet Sizes:

Extra Small: 46 - 50 cm (about 18.1 to 19.6 inches)

Small: 48 - 53 cm (about 18.9 to 20.8 inches)

Medium: 52 - 56 cm (about 20.4 to 22 inches)

You will want to measure your kiddo’s head just above the ears & all the way around to determine the needed helmet size; this measurement is essentially where the scooter helmet will be resting upon your child’s cranium.

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