My son has motor function disability, do you know if your 3-wheelers can be used by kids with limited motor function ability? It seems like they are easier to balance than a 2-wheeler

We cannot issue any “official” statement on this matter. However, we have heard from many parents of kiddos with motor function disabilities— these parents have reported that our 3-wheel scooters are indeed easier for their kiddos to use. These parents have also mentioned our 3-wheelers having a “liberating” effect for the child, as the scooter allows them to venture outside and scoot with kiddos in a way that simply wasn’t possible for them aboard a 2-wheeler.

It is not only youngsters that have benefitted from the advantages of a 3-wheeled ride; in fact, we’ve also heard from countless adults (young and elderly) that the “effortless balance” of a 3-wheeler has allowed them to scoot when they previously haven’t been able to.  People with bad knees, replacement hips, and even a prosthetic hand have been able to join in on the “sidewalk surfing” thanks to our 3-wheeled kickboards.

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