What’s the difference between your scooters and other brands? Your scooters are more expensive, please explain why!

Micro Kickboard products are more expensive than some competitors' offerings; however, we have heard from countless customers that you absolutely receive your return on investment with a Micro scooter. Pennies a ride.


Not only do our scooters outperform other brands’ scooters (smoother glide, solid construction and quiet), they also feature “modular” designs— this means that each component on the scooter is unique and replaceable.  This includes everything, from wheels and brakes to the handlebar grips and deck (standing platform).


Thus, if a replaceable scooter part wears down over time or your scooter is run-over by a car or truck, we are almost always able to restore the scooter to its original glory via the use of spare parts. Most of the time, these parts can be implemented by the scooter owner in the comfort of their own home. This allows a Micro scooter to last, virtually forever.

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