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    Flex (Flex deck & large wheels)

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    Designed for adults, the Flex is named for its flexible deck, made with PA and glass fiber. The large, 200 mm wheels, make it one of Micro's fastest, smoothest rides. The high-quality hand grips are... read more
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    Designed for adults, the Flex is named for its flexible deck, made with PA and glass fiber. The large, 200 mm wheels, make it one of Micro's fastest, smoothest rides. The high-quality hand grips are luxuriously comfortable, even after a long ride.

    One of the Flex's best features are its high rebound wheels, with extra thick PU shore coating and performance-grade bearings that resist high pressures, creating a supremely quiet, quality ride. These features, together with the Flex’s taller T-bar, are changing the way adults think about scooters.

    The Flex is one of our favorites - its upgraded features put it at the top of our list of scooters to recommend to any adults looking to shave some time off their commute, or just for kickin' around.

    The extra tall T-Bar handle with a maximum height of 37" above the deck (41" from the ground), accommodates most adults. The body is made from polished aluminum. At just 10 lbs, the Flex is lightweight enough to simply fold, pick up and carry. Stylish, convenient, twice as fast as walking, you can take on your commute with the Flex Series.

    The Flex come completely assembled, with a patented double-button folding system. To unfold, simply loosen the clamp on the folding mechanism, then push in and hold the 2 buttons on either side of the front wheel. Unfold your scooter and ride. Use the patented two-way kickstand to keep your scooter upright while parked. Feel free to leave late and arrive early, as scooting cuts walking time in half!

    As with all of our Micro’s products, every part of the Micro Flex is replaceable, meaning your scooter will last virtually forever.

    Please note, this scooter is not designed for tricks, jumps, hops, etc. For extreme scooters designed for that style of riding, check out Chilli Pro Scooters.

    SAFETY - We recommend that riders wear a helmet.


    • Age : Teen Adult
    • Capacity : 220 lbs
    • Scooter Weight : 10 lbs
    • Dimensions Folded : Folds down to 29" x 5.5" 13"
    • Height from Deck : 25" - 37" from deck, 41" from ground.
    • Wheel Width : Front and back: 200 mm, Polyurethane
    • Scooter Width : 36" x 5.5"
    • Wheels : 2
    • Grip Tape : 1
    • Steering : None
    • Deck Size : 14" x 5.5"
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    Perfect for keeping up with the kids!
    Overall Rating
    Review by Laura07.09.2019
    Our 4 kids all ride Micro Kickboard scooters, so there was no question that we, as parents, needed them as well. Most recently, we brought the 6 scooters along with us to Niagara Park in NY. What an awesome way to get around the park to see all of Niagara Falls. We love our scooters!
    Great scooter | Love everything about it
    Overall Rating
    Review by Liza06.22.2019
    Got this scooter as a mother's day gift and I love it! I wanted to get scooter for a long time now and this one is just excellent. I can keep up with my 2 kids (almost 3yo and a 4yo) who have micro kickboards and they just love them. Also got one for the daddy as a gift and now we love to stroll around on them. They go super smoothly; easy and fun to ride.
    Fun, good for commuting and exercise, very nicely built, company good to deal with.
    Overall Rating
    Review by John M. Hammer07.13.2018
    I purchased a Micro Flex Black directly from Micro Kickboard at their website. They had a "warehouse deal" i.e. a returned item so I paid about 30% less than the current full retail price. My scooter looked brand-new out of the box except the rear wheel had marks from the fender brake – so someone rode it around a little before returning it. I decided I wanted a scooter after I hurt my back and needed to stay off my recumbent bicycles for a while but wanted to continue to have an alternative to my car for short trips and something fun to use for some exercise. I wanted a scooter that could handle my 205lbs but could be easily carried onto a crowded bus. I did a lot of online research, watched videos, met a few people with adult commuter scooters in the parks and paths near my home. I narrowed my choices to the Razor A6 or Razor A5 Air or Razor A5 Prime, the Micro Black or Micro Flex Black or Micro Flex Air, the Globber One K180, and the Xootr MG. The Razor A6 has the largest tires, about 10" or 250mm, compared to about 8" or 200mm of most of the others. The A5 Air and the Micro Flex Air come with pneumatic tires. The A5 Prime is an upgraded version of the A5 Lux with a slightly wider deck and better build quality. The Micro Black and Micro Flex Black are identical except their decks: The Micro Black has a 2" high aluminum deck with relatively low clearance while the Micro Flex Black has a 3" high composite deck which is also fairly thin and therefore has relatively high clearance (plus built-in "suspension" since the deck flexes under load). The Globber One K180 has smaller wheels, 180mm, but includes a hand-operated front brake. The Xootr also has a front brake and seemed to have the best build quality but has 180mm wheels which are particularly hard – considered among the best for gliding on very smooth surfaces but a particularly rough ride on less-than-perfect surfaces. Eventually I chose the Micro Flex Black partly because of the steep discount available at the time on the "warehouse deal" but also because I wanted to try polyurethane wheels but wanted the option to swap in pneumatic wheels later if desired and Micro Kickboard makes doing that very easy as their 200mm pneumatic wheels and 200mm polyurethane wheels can be purchased on their website and are easily swapped in to any of their scooters that use 200mm wheels regardless of the type they ship with. In the box are a set of safety guidelines, a user's manual, and a pair of 5mm hex wrenches which are pretty much all the tools needed to swap wheels and perform basic maintenance on the scooter. The Micro Flex Black comes completely assembled in the box and fully folded. All a new user has to do is read the documentation then lift it out of the box, insert the handlebars, unfold the scooter, set the riser to the desired height, check that the handlebars and front wheel are lined up properly (easy to do, it's covered in the instructions, mine were good), check that all the bolts are tight (mine were fine), and you're ready to ride. Unfolding the scooter requires a quick-release lever to be loosened and then a single silver button to be pressed, the scooter can then be pulled apart and locks into riding position, then you retighten the quick-release lever. Folding the scooter requires the quick-release lever to be loosened and then TWO buttons to be pressed simultaneously, a silver button and a blue button, then the scooter will fold up and the quick-release lever tightened – this was a little difficult to manage at first and would be very hard for a child's small hands to accomplish because of the position of the two buttons, but it became easy for me after a little practice. There is no chance that the scooter could fold on its own while riding and the quick-release clamp is there to prevent rattling of the folding parts. In practice, when folding the scooter I usually leave the riser extended at my riding height which saves some time when folding and unfolding and makes it a little easier to hold onto the scooter when standing on a crowded bus or subway while holding the scooter vertically; but it's fast and easy to extend and lower the riser, and even to remove the handlebars and stow them away if you want the most compact folded condition. Although I had briefly tried other people's similar scooters, I felt a bit wobbly the first day. That quickly passed and within a few days I was nimbly taking off, accelerating, switching kicking/resting feet on the fly, and braking with confidence. I was very concerned that the sidewalks and streets and even the bike path near my home would produce a very uncomfortable ride with the Micro Flex Black's polyurethane wheels but while I can feel minor vibration through the bars and there is a muted "ba-DUMP" when passing over sidewalk expansion joints, it's surprisingly smooth. I've had the scooter a few weeks now and while I'm still tempted to try the pneumatic wheels I haven't yet felt compelled to bother. The large wheels handle a bit of sand, small stones and twigs, and other minor obstacles easily and there are footing/lifting techniques that allow a rider to handle small curbs and other obstacles without losing too much speed. I haven't tumbled off once yet, but I do wear full-finger gloves and a bike helmet because it will probably happen eventually when I try to take an off-kilter sidewalk slab or hit a slightly-too-large rock at too high a speed. I try to keep my speed down to no faster than I can run, which means that I can hop off at any moment if I have to. The fender brake works well for keeping speed under control although of course it can't make the scooter stop on a dime. I really enjoy riding on level surfaces, going up shallow hills is no problem (smooth surfaces make a huge difference for the better when heading up any slope), I just walk up steep hills, and even the shallowest downhill slope means I don't have to kick at all and generally have to apply quite a lot of brake to stay under my speed limit. I am very impressed by the quality of the bearings and while I have received advice to replace the bearings with "Bones Redz" or another high-quality type I don't feel the need for that at this time. The deck is definitely pretty flexy, I can feel it with every kick. It does help to isolate vibration and I really like the amount of ground clearance from the combination of the nominal 3" deck height and the fairly thin deck. By contrast, the Micro Black has an aluminum deck with a 2" height which is also much thicker, the lower deck is better for kicking but there is much less ground clearance as much from the deck being thicker as from it being lower. The deck on the Micro Flex Black is 5.5" wide which is plenty for foot-switching and I can even get both of my size-9 feet on the deck side-by-side (although the outer halves of my shoes aren't really on the deck if I do that). I wouldn't want a more narrow deck, even the 5.0" of the Micro Black let alone the 4.0" of some of the other scooters I had been considering. The only thing I don't like about this scooter is the narrow handlebars. Wider handlebars would make the scooter feel a lot more stable, especially for a new scooter-rider such as myself. Wider handlebars wouldn't make the scooter larger when folded since they could still be removable and stowable along the riser as are the shorter ones. I think I might also like an option for a fixed riser as that would be one less moving part and clamp to worry about and possibly rattle, especially since I almost never retract the handlebars when folding the scooter. I could change the handlebars and even the riser but like the wheels I don't feel a strong need to do so at this time. I thought the little kickstand was a joke and assumed I would eventually remove it. Wrong! It is very useful, great for keeping the scooter upright where there's no place to lean it while I take a sip of water or blow my nose in the middle of a ride. I keep the scooter in my garage with my bikes and generally don't bother to fold it up at home and again the kickstand is quite useful there. Unlike some scooter kickstands, it can be raised and lowered with the tip of your foot so there's no bending over to get it down or back up (be sure to kick it FORWARD to raise it up into riding position, if you raise it to the rear you will not be able to use your foot to lower it into resting position). One minor annoyance was the rattling of the front fender. The rest of the scooter is very solid-feeling and makes essentially no noise when riding other than the hard wheels over the imperfections of the road. But the front fender is made of plastic and on anything but a glassy surface rattles around and makes quite a racket. I was able to control this somewhat by jamming a rubber band into the space between the plastic fender and the metal fork on each side, it still rattles around and makes noise but it's better. I am considering removing the fender since I won't ride the scooter in the rain and while the fender provides some protection from sand or wet spots throwing up gunk into the folding surfaces and my pants it is far from full coverage, anyway. For what it's worth, the rear fender of the Micro Flex Black provides much better coverage than its front fender or the rear fender of most other scooters so I haven't noticed any road muck on the scooter or on my pants from the rear wheel. Also, the rear fender makes zero noise unless you're actually using it to brake and then it sounds like any other friction brake. I had some questions for Micro Kickboard before I made my purchase and they responded via email politely, thoroughly, and quickly. I added a nice bell and a very small bag to the handlebars, both of which I had in my bicycle spare-parts box. I purchased a $6 clamp, the Topeak CageMount, and used it to install a water bottle cage – so much better than carrying water in a backpack when I otherwise have no need of a backpack and more convenient to take a sip even when I do have a backpack with me for another reason. None of this adds any appreciable weight to the scooter nor does any of it interfere with the fold.