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All About Micro


Micro Sprite Review by Two Wheeling Tots

December 8, 2017

A top-notch kick scooter in both quality and durability and a clear winner in both appearance and performance.


BEST FOR: Kids who want a smoother, more nimble ride than a traditional kick scooter


  • Precise design and construction result in a super smooth ride and tight maneuvering
  • Lightweight frame makes for easy jumping
  • Fast!
  • Beautiful, anodized aluminum stem comes in lots of color options


  • None!

The Sprite is a top-quality Swiss kick scooter designed with sophisticated style and built for smooth, precise performance. 

Micro Sprite Action Montage


From the moment I pulled that shiny red scooter out of the box, I had a swarm of young boys begging me to be the first to ride. They soon discovered that the Sprite was better than any other scooter on the block and I had brothers and neighbors fighting over temporary ownership.

While the Sprite is a “traditional” kick scooter, it’s definitely a high-end version. It’s solid, durable, and most importantly, a smooth ride. Our testers loved that they could ride “so fast” and didn’t “feel bumpy over all the sidewalk lines”. When they did small jumps off the curb, “the landing didn’t hurt” and it was “easier to jump high”. Eloquent, no, but as an adult tester, I can attest that it really is the simple truth. The scooter feels sturdy and fluid beneath you and doesn’t have that “clackity clack” joltiness.

From afternoons spent riding up and down the block and jumping off curbs, to hours at the skate park, and even a 3-mile ride with mom, our testers couldn’t get enough of the Sprite!

The larger (120mm) polyurethane wheel in front and smaller (100mm) wheel in back, precision in design and construction, and superior craftsmanship all contribute to a smooth and nimble ride for big and small riders.  I even had one 5th grader articulate that the Sprite was so much more “maneuverable” than his other scooter!

Because the Sprite was such a smooth ride compared to other kick scooters we’ve tried, I contacted the manufacturer to double check that there was no suspension system.  Indeed, there is not! They credited the smooth ride to several things, including quality materials, precision engineering and tight construction.


Handlebar Height: The Sprite’s adjustable handlebars allow riders to grow with the scooter, or for the whole family to ride!  With almost 12″ of adjustability from min to max (they adjust from 22.5″ to 34″ from the deck) the scooter was a comfortable ride for everyone from our 8-year-old tester to the grown-ups.

However, if you’re an adult looking for a scooter exclusively for yourself, the Micro Flex or Micro Black are better suited for adults because they have a taller maximum handlebar height.

Weight: At 5.5 lbs., the Sprite is lightweight and easy to maneuver for anyone 8+. The weight is pretty standard for scooters in this category.

Weight Capacity: With a 220 lb weight capacity, even Dad can ride this scooter! (We won’t tell you how close he came to the max weight.)

Age: 8+


Foot platform

With its gorgeous anodized aluminum colored finish, the foot deck of the Micro Sprite is a step up from other kick scooters. Its sturdy build and 13.5″ of usable foot space make it a comfy ride even for Dad. (For comparison, our Razor A5 has 12.5″ of usable foot space.)


The handlebars are a standard t-bar with soft foam hand grips. The ends, however, have upgraded soft rubber bumpers that will protect hands from falls and also will hold up better than traditional foam after getting scraped on the ground during falls or if the scooter is laid on the ground.


The stem of the Sprite is a beautiful, smooth anodized aluminum that comes in 7 different colors.


The wheels are a high-quality, bump-dampening polyurethane. The front wheel is 120 mm while the back wheel is 100 mm.


The Sprite’s standard scooter brake is upgraded by texturizing the metal for better grip and less slippage.


The Sprite is super easy to fold for compact storage. If you don’t care about compact, the kickstand is even easier to use for upright “parking” storage.

Kickstand: The two-way kickstand can be kicked up forward or backwards to keep it out of the way while riding. We recommend kicking it forward because it’s then easier to grab it with your toe to engage it for parking.

Folding the Frame: The frame is folded in 3 easy steps as shown below:

(1) Pull  up on the lever

(2) Push the button

(3) Fold down

Folding the Handlebars: The handlebars also fold down in three easy steps:

(1) Push the button to disengage the locked handlebar

(2) Pull the handlebar out of the stem

(3) Fold down and place in the handlebar holder


We haven’t seen another kick scooter with the quality and durability of the Micro Sprite. With its beautiful anodized aluminum finish and smooth ride, it’s a clear winner in both appearance and performance. While not the cheapest scooter on the market, it’s well worth the price tag.

Best Ride On Toys: Mini 3in1 Deluxe by Two Wheeling Tots

March 19, 2019

We've been testing it for quite a while now because we were a little unsure of it at first. My daughter didn't "get it" in the beginning, but once she figured out she could raise her feet up and glide, she's screaming "wheeeee!" all over the house. It's adorable.

Pretty much every other ride-on toy out there is much wider, causing kids to hit their legs as they run and push off the ground. The Mini 3-in-1 is narrow enough that that doesn't happen, which is why my daughter is actually able to glide successfully. What a fantastic preparation for the joys of a balance bike.

FITS KIDS: Toddlers ages 12-months to 3-years (but best for 18-months+)

FEATURES: 3 easy-rolling wheels for gliding, 2 seat heights, converts to a scooter

With the Mini 3-in-1 Deluxe, our favorite scooter company converted their best selling scooter (the Micro Mini), into a smaller ride-on toy for toddlers. Essentially a scooter with a seat attached (that can later be removed), the Mini 3-in-1 rolls smooth and easy like a scooter, and offered the most “fun factor” for our toddler testers.

While the lean-to-turn maneuvering of the scooter is too complicated for toddlers in ride-on-toy mode, toddlers 18-months+ will quickly learn to pick up the Mini to turn, and then glide all over the house screaming “whee!!!!”. (Trust us, it’s adorable!) We love that the wheels allow kids to glide quickly, but are slower than the sometimes nerve-wracking other toddler scooters.

The Mini’s narrow body allows kids to push off the ground and then lift their feet to glide. This feature is a great building block for toddlers who will then transition to a balance bike, where gliding is also the end goal.


  • 3 easy-rolling wheels roll fast and smooth
  • 2 seat heights to better accommodate toddlers as they grow
  • Narrow body prevents toddlers from hitting their legs on the wheels as they stride
  • Easily glides for more fun play as toddlers get older and more adventurous
  • Higher, round handlebar is easy for little ones to grab
  • Converts to a scooter


  • Steeper learning curve (but more fun when toddlers finally “get it”)
  • Difficult to maneuver for very young toddlers
5 Reasons Why I Love Scooters by Shalice Noel

October 16, 2017

Last week, we scootered around the historic Mission District and found so many beautiful historic buildings to learn about and scooter around. It was founded in 1771, and the fourth of California’s 21 missions. We scootered around the fountain and to the plaques to learn more. The kids didn’t get tired but are always easily entertained by scooters and a pack of gum in their pocket. Ha! I’m sharing a short list below of why we LOVE our scooters:


Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Our Scooters

  1. Great Exercise. Scooters get kids moving! When are kids are tempted to spend hours on devices such as iPads and laptops, it’s important to give them a fun alternative to sitting, scootering!
  2. They travel well. The micro sprite folds for easy travel. Just push and hold in the 2 buttons on either side of the front wheel and unfold your scooter. Also, think about using them on vacation to explore a new town. Bonus: the kids get less tired than walking. Pro tip: bring them when you trick or treat to keep the kids from getting easily tired walking. (Check out scooter-friendly costume ideas here)
  3. I get a workout. These 4 scooters fit in our SUV and if I want a workout, I wear my running shoes and try and catch up to them on their scooters. It’s harder than you think!
  4. They are great for almost every age. The maxi deluxe is great for ages 5-12 (what my kids have) and the micro sprite is great for ages 8-99! I have the micro white and can more easily catch up to them at the park. Either way, it’s a great workout.
  5. They make great gifts! Christmas is 70 days away, get or give a free scooter light to a niece, nephew, son or daughter.

Shalice Noel Blogger Scooters

On Saturdays We Scoot by Naomi Davis (Love Taza)

October 9, 2017

…and go to the farmer’s market (see below.) and get pumpkins (so long as they are mini.)

on saturdays, we eat pancakes for breakfast before going to a baptism for eleanor’s friend (at least on this saturday), and do chores around the apartment and get a little bit of the never ending pile of laundry conquered.

on saturdays, we watch star wars return of the jedi (well, the kids), and sweet home alabama (me.)

on saturdays, we use our scooters as pretend snow boards and give mama mini panic attacks at every other stop light on the upper west side. we also get annoyed with mama when she tries to take a family photo on a street corner. (it was a very big fail.)

on saturdays, we can’t seem to come to agreement on dinner, so half our family eats subway sandwiches and the other half, salads from sweet green. (pick your battles.)

on saturdays, we do a lot of other stuff, too. but mostly hold onto the memories of the cuddles on the sofa, the big cardboard box turned into a puppet show stage/ rocket ship and relish in the glorious smell of a bleached bathroom because that means it’s CLEAN.

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  some photos from ours below…

Just Roll With It by Ledger and Major

March 15, 2019

Do you and your kids a favor and get some kid friendly wheels. Micro kickboardscooters to the rescue . Not only are these scooters rated the best in the world, but they have cool. minimalist design and come in multiple colors. These scooters are strong so they can handle kids every day play, but also lightweight. 

Not only do these scooters help with balance and direction but also with gross motor skills!! Oaks has the mini deluxe and Ford has the maxi deluxe and of course I don’t let them ride without helmets. These are great Birthday or Christmas present ideas and I am all about a gift that promotes being outside. 

Your kids will thank you and you will thank Micro Kickboard scooters.

Scootering Around Silverlake by Shalice Noel

November 1, 2017

One of our favorite things to do on the weekends is explore new neighborhoods and scooter around. While Reid and I look for coffee, the kids compete who can scooter the fastest and they usually find a lizard or two to slow them down. Luckily, our 4 scooters fit nicely in our SUV so we can take them out whenever convenient, like here in Silverlake. We had just left Whole Foods getting food and flowers and burning off some of those cookies from dessert was a main priority if we were going to have a semi-peaceful afternoon. Mission accomplished with these cute and practical scooters. My kids never don’t want to scooter and I’m thankful for that!

Where will your scooters take you? See where we took our scooters in Venice HERE and see the health benefits of scooters HERE

Micro & the Benefits of Kids Riding Kick Scooters by La Jolla Mom

December 11, 2015 9:14:16 AM EST

This kid. I asked her to scooter around the sidewalk area while I walked the dog and instead she takes off down the grass hill. This shot was taken before she did it. I can almost see her wondering if I’d approve.

I was fine with it because the space is used for dogs, bootcamp and then some, but also because she’s become quite an expert at maneuvering her Micro Maxi scooter on bumpy sidewalks, along beach boardwalks and around other far flung places because we often keep it in the car.

I’m here to tell you that a kick scooter makes a perfect holiday gift for kids ages 18 months and older. It’s fun, plus riding a scooter hones gross and fine motor skills that are useful for learning, sports and other life skills.

The Benefits of Kick Scooters for Kids

Think about what it takes for you to ride a kick scooter. Then, consider the following.

Balance and Direction

Scooters are powered first by a kick but directed using balance. Scooters can help improve coordination with use at any age, but particularly when kids are young and learning how to balance using their weight.

Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Developing gross and fine motor skills enables kids to become more independent, while opening doors to exploration, creativity and learning. Parents Magazine surveyed a number of experts for an article regarding why motor skills are so important for kids to cultivate early.

Scooter help develop both sets of motor skills kids need in everyday life. Scooters must be transported to a place of play (often by the kids), perhaps assembled (if traveling with your kick scooter), maneuvered properly, and can even be used a as a centerpiece for imaginary play… or barreling down a grass hill.

Kick scooters like the Micro Maxi help kids develop motor skills. Plus, they're fun and my daughter loves hers!

Pre-Reading Skills

The above benefits are also essential pre-reading skills for very young kids. Our books are printed from left to right so experts believe its important for new readers to be familiar with the concept of direction at an early age. Motor skills are essential for a number of other reasons. Kids not only need to hold the books and flip pages, but a good pencil grip later enables them to write words down in order to remember them better. They’ll hone motor skills to brush teeth, type and a number of other things throughout their lives.


It usually doesn’t take long for kids to master riding a kick scooter. When they do, the confidence knowing they can handle it can potentially make them eager to tackle other skills.


A helmut is require by California law for non-motorized scooters, skateboards and bikes for anyone who is under the age of 18. Through riding scooters, kids can understand a bit more about the importance of protecting their bodies and consequences of not doing so.


Seriously, kids love the freedom and ease that riding a scooter provides. The bottom line is that kick scooters are fun and also let them ride when walking might be a burden.

Micro Kickboard Kick Scooters for Kids and Adults

The question now is, “Which scooter do I buy?” Am I right? Fortunately, Micro Kickboard has you covered from age 18 months all the way through adulthood.


The Mini2Go, Micro Mini and Micro Maxi scooters for kids from Micro Kickboard The Mini2Go (pictured above on the left) is an awesome choice for ages 18 months – 3 years because it starts off as a ride-on scooter and then converts to a stand-up scooter with a T-bar. It also has a removable toy drawer and non-marking wheels that won’t destroy floors should the kids learn to ride indoors first.

Micro Mini

The Micro Mini is the highest-rated scooter for 3-5 year olds. Kids will lean to steer and the non-marking wheels won’t destroy floors should they learn to ride indoors. The scooter’s three wheels and low deck provide stability. It is also reasonably-priced at $79.99.

Micro Maxi

The Micro Maxi kick scooter is the highest rated for kids ages 5-12. My daughter loves hers! My daughter uses her Micro Maxi constantly. She rides it when we walk the dog together as we do at Kate Sessions park in San Diego (pictured above). We take it to our local beach boardwalks and sometimes leave it in the car because I never know where we’ll wind up. It is best for kids ages 5 – 12 and the highest rated for this age group. Kids can carve up the sidewalk like a skateboard with the scooter’s curving and carving action that is controlled by body weight.

Micro White or Micro Black

The Micro White scooter is one of Micro Kickboard's best-selling scooters for adults. The Micro White and Micro Black scooters are the same adult scooter in different colors. I have a Micro White that is incredibly convenient as I can ride alongside my daughter when transporting her from our house to a neighbors and then some. It’s ergonomically-designed with a higher T-bar so that adults can maintain a comfortable stance. The oversized wheels can handle bumps in the sidewalk well and provide a smooth ride. I love it. I wasn’t sure why I’d “need” a scooter but I can tell you that I use it much more than I thought!

Micro Scooters and Walking On Travels

October 7, 2015 2:05:03 PM EDT


As the child whipped by us, I had to do a double take. Here was a toddler making tracks in a way no toddler had every done before, unless you count him being pushed in a stroller by his jogging mother. We were in Paris and kids were moving in ways I had never seen before in the U.S. Was I not paying enough attention or was this really something Europeans were doing that we Americans had (lamely) not caught onto yet? No, these children were not jogging; they weren’t even biking. They were whipping around town on scooters, or more importantly, Swiss-made Micro Kickboards.

While we were in Europe for five weeks I noticed scooters everywhere. Micro Kickboard scooters seemed to be the popular choice, even for adults. When we got to Switzerland, my friend’s two little girls each had a Micro Kickboard Mini scooter. They had received them when they had bought a certain amount of diapers. The Swiss were practically giving them away, and you saw them everywhere. We had to navigate around kids on scooters in the Bern train station, the streets, and a few parks. I couldn’t believe I was missing out. How come my kids didn’t have scooters? Why was I pushing kids around in a stroller when they could be hauling themselves around Europe, leaving me to simply carry my purse? Of course, it would mean I would lose my pack mule that carried my purse, any shopping we did and tired kids, but ditching the stroller for scooters did have its advantages and gave my boys a bit of freedom.

When we got home, Micro Kickboard asked if one of my boys would be interested in checking out their new lines of scooters. They even offered to send my husband and I scooters so we could experience scooting (scootering?) as a family. My oldest, who was 5, took to it like a natural. He had already practiced with our friend’s toddler version in Switzerland. I opted to get him (and buy his brother) the Maxi scooter, which is for ages 5-12, with an adjustable handle bar and removable base, which in theory would make it easier to travel with and bring on the plane. It would also grow with my boys, making it unnecessary to buy a new one in a few years. Now that they have the foldable Maxi, I wish I had ordered those instead, just to make life a little easier for all of us when we travel.

My husband and I each got foldable scooters, the Speed + Mint for me and the Micro Black for my husband. The day they arrived we unpacked everyone’s scooter, put helmets on and started cruising the neighborhood to get a feel for our new toys. It took my 3-year-old son about a week to really get use to his scooter and using the back break, but he is now the master of the Maxi, and puts older kids in the neighborhood to shame.

Although we haven’t taken the scooters on a plane yet, we have packed them up for road trips and beach vacations plenty this past summer. We also ride them to and from school everyday, although I do tend to walk since I end up carrying someone’s scooter at some point on our journey. I have found that the scooter is great when I want to go to the park to take a walk with friends, but we both have our kids with us. Normally my boys would be lagging behind. I’d have to stop and get their little feet walking. Now, more often than not, I’m running to keep up, which gives me a bit more exercise, and also gives me time with my friends to actually talk, something we haven’t had since before our little ones came along.

I think my favorite moment this summer was when my youngest and I headed to Virginia Beach to do a little research for an article I needed to write. I brought his scooter with us so we could cruise the boardwalk together. We listened as the opening act for the Gin Blossoms got warmed up on the 31st Street stage. I had no interest in the opener, so I decided to get us a little exercise before the sun began to set. My son weaved in and out of pedestrian traffic, sometimes to my horror as he cut off grandmas and adults taking their evening stroll. Luckily he is cute, so most just waved at him and smiled. This was his moment of independence. He didn’t have to hold my hand. He didn’t have to worry about the street. It was just him, his scooter and the beach. I didn’t have my own scooter yet, but in that moment I knew I would need that Speed + Mint or I was never going to be able to keep up with him ever again. I mean think of it– he’s only three years old and he is out running me. What happens when he is 5!

Micro Scooters and Scooter Workout Video of the Week

September 16, 2015 2:51:55 PM EDT

While in Idaho this last weekend, the family and I headed out to the cabin for some alone family time.

And by family alone time, I mean, Jeff worked while I hung out and adventured with the kids.

With no internet, no wifi, no phone service, no other humans, and no gyms, I had such a fun time trying out some new workouts

...with a scooter!

But for reals.

Such a great AB and LEG workout!

Don’t believe me…watch the YOUTUBE video and try it out yourself.

Our Favorite Things: Micro Mini Kick Scooters for preschoolers (plus the Maxi Kick scooter for older kids)

August 18, 2015 3:16:03 PM EDT

Three Christmases ago, I was wasting time looking at kids’ scooters on Amazon. I had all but decided to purchase a Razor scooter for my then five-year-old daughter, but I just wanted to make sure I was purchasing the right one (the agony I put myself through over a $30 toy). All of a sudden, my world shifted. I found the Mini Kick Scooter by Kickboard USA. I couldn’t get over the reviews on these things. 4.5 to 5 stars all over the place. People raved about it. It was winning impressive toy awards all over the world.

So, I laid down the cash and purchased one for my two and four-year-old boys (yeah, I know. I was shopping for Audrey.).

The reviews were right. These are the most awesome scooters ever made. The awesomeness comes from four features:

1. The wheels: Two wheels in the front and one in the back. Anything else is a recipe for disaster. Since the wheels are polyurethane they won’t leave black marks on the floor. My kids learned how to ride their scooters inside since it was too cold and/or wet right after Christmas.

2. The lean-to-steer design: This allows children to use their body weight to control the steering, giving them a feeling of stability as they gently curve from right to left — just like a bicycle. This is different than other scooters that require kids to turn the handlebars to turn the scooter. That’s why your kids keep falling over. This is the only scooter that isn’t frustrating for kids to ride. This steering design also helps kids better transition to riding a bicycle since they already know how to lean to make the scooter turn.

3. The modular construction: All the parts are replaceable, so the scooters last, virtually forever. Our boys destroyed some of the parts by jumping the thing over curbs. My husband called the company to purchase replacement parts and they sent it to us for FREE (which was totally unexpected).

4. The weight: These things are super light. I can easily carry two of them while pushing a double stroller with two chunky kids — perfect for the “I’m tired and just can’t manage to ride my scooter one.more.minute” type of moment. They also pack well for camping trips and Sunriver vacations.

I don’t want to get too dramatic, but this is the type of item that can be truly passed from one kid to another. I have no intention of ever getting rid of our scooters, as they are the most popular toy in our garage during the warmer months. The neighbor kids are constantly riding them because they completely dominate every other scooter they have ridden in the past.

Whenever I see my friends having their kids ride a regular scooter, I start yelling “Why are you making them ride that stupid thing? It doesn’t work! Buy the Mini Kick!” Ask them, I’m not joking. There is much yelling involved. I’m like that with the Mini Kick.

The Mini Kicks are best suited for kids five and under. Matthew was dominating his scooter at 18 months. Yes, you read that correctly. Eighteen months. I have pictures to prove it, but most of them are him naked-as-a-jaybird except for his shoes and helmet (don’t worry, we lived on a quiet street and he just rode in the driveway).

I just discovered the newest accessory for the Mini Kick: The Mini Micro 3-in-1 Scooter. This is an attachment that converts a Mini into a sitting scooter for young toddlers.

Baby Lucy will be getting this next year for sure. If you have a little one, this is the perfect situation — you Micro Mini 3-in-1 Kick Scooter, then just take the attachment off when they get a bit older and are ready to ride the thing standing up. Now the scooter will fit your child from about one to five years of age.

If you have an older child, be sure to check out the Maxi Kick Scooter. We have a Maxi for our older kids and they switch between this and their bikes all summer long. The Maxi Kick handles just like the Mini Kick, but it’s larger (obviously), is a bit bulkier to handle big kids and the t-bar handle is adjustable. I’ve had older elementary kids ride our Maxi for hours around the APT complex. In fact, some kids prefer riding it over their bikes.

One important thing to note: It will take your child a day or two to get the hang of riding and steering their new scooter. Lean-to-steer is a skill that must be learned and doesn’t necessarily come naturally at first (very much like riding a bike). Don’t freak out and curse my name on Christmas morning if they aren’t zipping around the cul-de-sac immediately. I promise they will get the hang of it within about 30 minutes and will absolutely LOVE it.

Micro Scooter Freedom Ride

July 1, 2015 3:15:55 PM EDT

The summer months bring a whole new current into our lives and system as a family. Justin keeps his normal schedule and mine fluctuates, ebbing and flowing amongst the demands of Jack, Zoe and Beau’s schedules. Pancakes as often as possible are a personal priority, but beyond that I try to keep them fairly busy and somewhat regimented by scheduling camps and classes at a decent, but not breakneck pace for all. My goal is to strive for happy, tired and fulfilled children and we often succeed whether or not our planning comes into play.

This summer kicked off with a bang. We started heading to the Boardwalk with summer passes the first day after school got out and promptly packed our steady beach bag. There’s something about being able to head to the amusement park that I grew up going to during the hot days of summer that just makes me so happy. I love that the nostalgia of the salty air and crazy rides will be a part of their childhood memories forever, just like they are mine. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk happens to be located really close to where Jack and Zoe are participating in Junior Lifeguard camp weekly, so we often pack our Micro Kickboard Scooters to help haul them up and down the wharf with their gear quickly and easily (not to mention very fun). We keep the scooters in the back of our car next to the stroller and Theo’s blanket at all times because really, if we can make sure to make our transportation is fun, we are all so much happier. Some lessons from New York City will stay with us forever.

The best parts of summer, to me, are in the long hot afternoons spent just hanging with family. As much as I love planning big adventures and vacations, I think I can really appreciate the most simple of moments with my children; from backyard slip n’ slides, bubbles and popsicles, to neighborhood walks to our favorite park. Zoe and Beau particularly love riding their Micro Kickboard scooters through our neighborhood together to play make-believe on the castles and with their chariots on the playgrounds. Now that he is pushing 45 pounds, Beau is finally big enough for the Maxi Kickboard so all three have matching scooters. This is a crucial detail for my third child who so desperately wants to be doing exactly what his older siblings are. The handlebar grips and easy turning radius make this scooter an essential in our every day lives that can also make for a smart investment, as the adjustable handle bar grows as the kids get taller. With Independence Day around the corner, the festive streamers make for an especially exciting jaunt around town. While this holiday is about so much more than red, white and blue themed elements, it’s a really fun way to get them excited and curious about an important holiday to in our lives and our family. Childhood and freedom are-and should be-synonymous, exemplified in their unscripted dialogue and timelines for their days and lives. Independence Day always seems to be a culmination of my favorite things about what we appreciate most in life: family, freedom, childhood, playtime and celebrations without feeling the materialistic draw and pressures of other holidays.

What has officially settled in as a summer staple for our family, we will head up to Tahoe to spend the Fourth of July on the lake. There are usually tons of people, barbecues, beach adventures and activities-all things we appreciate so much about our lives here in California. This is a holiday were we truly come together as a family and as a community to celebrate our tremendous gifts. Being able to spend time together while the kids enjoy an active day is crucial to the well being and synchronicity of our summer days. I especially appreciate certain tools and essentials for making our summers fun and easy no matter what we do or where we go, and these Maxi Kickboard Scooters are certainly one of them that we’ve employed for nearly five years.

Bump Club And Beyond

May 5, 2015 2:44:22 PM EDT

Today’s Five Years of Favorites is showcasing one of our all-time favorite gifts for the toddler set! As spring kicks into high gear, toddlers everywhere are buzzing around on their Micro scooters. We love products that grow with your child, which is why the Micro Mini 3in1 is the best choice in our eyes. From ages 1-5 your little one can scoot around the neighborhood or local parks.Starting as a ride-on, the 3in1 ultimately turns into the Micro Mini Classic by simply replacing the o-bar with the t-bar. The bonus about all Micro scooters? They are made with non-marking wheels making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage!

Spring is HERE so this week we are celebrating by giving away FIVE Micro Mini 3in1 Scooters! MAKE SURE TO ENTER HERE FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN. Winners announced on 5/12/15.

La Jolla Mom

April 29, 2015 12:40:41 PM EDT


These days, kids who are too big for strollers and aren’t keen or able to walk long distances have a fun solution that happens to work brilliantly on family vacations and during outings in your home town.

To give you a little background, I investigated buying my then 6-year-old daughter a scooter to travel with because I was worried about her tolerance for walking long distances during our trip to China. I abandoned the idea because I’d never heard of anyone bringing a scooter on holiday. Sure enough, while walking from one end of Tiananmen Square to the other (it’s massive), she got tired and had a mini meltdown. If she had a scooter, I’m sure we could have toured for longer.

Recently, Micro Kickboard sent over their Micro Maxi kick scooter (appropriate for kids ages 5-12) for her to try. With the push of a button, it easily disassembles flat into a size suitable for packing in a suitcase (really). Slip it into the back of the car for road trips to far flung places or even jaunts within your home town… in our case, to the beach.

With this new-found appreciation for high-quality, lightweight scooters and confidence that I can actually travel with it, I’m here to tell you that you can and should consider bringing a one for your kids on your next family vacation. This is why.


For families embarking on urban holidays that may involve a lot of walking in between sights, the Maxi Micro scooter is an ideal solution for keeping the kids happy.

But you might be surprised by how many places around the world a scooter can come in handy. I wish I would have had one during our family vacation to Kaanapali, Maui. Walks to Whaler’s Village aren’t far for adults, but 10 minutes to dinner when hungry can feel like an eternity to young kids.

Also, boardwalks are ideal for scootering. I’m able to give the dog nice long walks along the beaches here in San Diego without my daughter complaining one bit. It’s win-win for all. This scooter delivers one of the smoothest and quietest ride available thanks to high quality polyurethane wheels and a flexible fiberglass reinforced deck, which together absorb bumps in the sidewalk.

Kids in our neighborhood also ride their Micro Maxi scooters to school.


Bored at a hotel? Have extra energy at Grandma’s? Bust out the scooter and let the kids whiz around. If disassembled for travel, it’s easy for kids to reassemble the Micro Maxi in a few seconds, put on a helmet and go.


The Micro Maxi is very easy for my daughter to ride in curving manner, which makes it exponentially more fun than her prior scooter. She happily circles around small spaces with no problem, using her body weight and handlebars to lean into turns… much like a skateboard. In fact, there are two interchangeable handlebar styles. She has the traditional T-Bar style, but the Joystick handlebar provides even more curving and carving action.

When I’m walking the dog, she’ll often scooter away from us and then back again throughout our walk because we’re moving at a slower pace than she is. She loves it.


What? Yes, parents can get in on the fun with scooters made especially for adults and teens like the Micro White scooter (pictured folded below). It’s so smooth and easy to ride that I’m not going to lie… my daughter rides it all of the time when I’m not looking. This style of scooter collapses with the push of a button and while it isn’t for your suitcase, slipping it into the car for a road trip or beach day is super easy.

Scootering together as family is a hoot, trust me. Also, Micro Kickboard has scooters in a variety of options for all ages, including kids under the age of 5.


My daughter’s Micro Maxi easily disassembles small enough to fit into my handbag, including the helmet. Though it’s a touch bulky (which I really don’t mind), it’s lighter than some of the camera gear I carry. I wrap the bottom—or the entire thing depending on what I have around the house—in a plastic bag before slipping it in.

At just 5.5 lbs., the Micro Maxi is an easy add to checked luggage, too.

Tips for Using a Travel Scooter

Before taking a scooter out on the town, it’s important to know where they are permitted and where they aren’t. Also, helmets are a must. In fact, the state of California requires anyone under the age of 18 to wear a helmet when riding a non-motorized scooter like a Micro Maxi (as well as a when riding a skateboard, riding a bicycle, wearing in-line skates and wearing roller skates). Also, use judgement. In big urban centers with lots of crowds, kids on scooters might be a hazard to themselves and other people.


You heard that right. I’m giving away FIVE Micro Maxi scooters (valued at $129.99 each). All you need to do is share in a comment (use the giveaway widget below to record your entry) where you would take the scooter on a family vacation or around your home town. Then, take advantage of the easy bonus entires that can increase your chances of winning.

If you are lucky enough to win, you’ll be able to choose a preferred scooter color. Have a look to make sure the scooter is suitable for the child in your life and to see which color he or she may prefer.

This giveaway ends on April 29, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. PT. Full terms and conditions are in the widget but you must be age 18 or older and a resident of the United States. No purchase necessary and void where prohibited.

Good luck!

The Bragging Mommy

I received a Micro Mini Kickboard Scooter from Micro Kickboard for my review. All opinions are my own.

My daughter was ecstatic when her new Micro Mini Kickboard Scooter arrived. She watches her brother on his scooter (and occasionally hops on when he isn’t looking) so she was so happy to have her very own scooter!

It was super easy to assemble, almost everything was ready to go out of the box. I just had to attach the handle bar which was a breeze. Then we were ready to play outside!

“The Micro Mini Kickboard is the highest rated scooter for children aged 3-5. Your child will love “surfing the sidewalk” on their Micro Mini, you will love the years of fun and exercise it provides, making it one of the best value present you will buy your child. The smooth gliding Micro Mini’s 3 wheels, low-to-the-ground deck and safe steering all contribute to stability that makes the Mini perfect for pre-schoolers and kindergartners.

What makes the Mini unique and fun is the lean-to-steer design; children steer by using their body weight to lean right and left, intuitively learning to lean into a turn, while developing balance and coordination used in many sports. The Micro Mini has the smoothest, quietest ride available thanks to high quality wheels and a flexible fiberglass reinforced deck, which together absorb bumps in the sidewalk. Safety certified by the CPSC, the Micro Mini is recommended for children up to 50lbs.”-Micro Kickboard

My daughter LOVES this scooter! It is the perfect size for her and she is able to ride it effortlessly, and she got the hang of the lean to steer function very quickly. She is going to get a lot of use out of this scooter since she has been riding it like crazy since it came.

Another thing she really loves is that her scooter is pink. That is her favorite color. I like that this scooter is available in 8 different colors so you can get the color that your child likes best.

It is extremely well made and very sturdy. I also like that it has non-marking wheels, and is a quiet ride so it can be enjoyed inside as well. I am impressed by the quality of this scooter and I highly recommend it!

Visit for more information as well as to purchase.

The Micro Mini Kickboard Scooter gets Bragging Rights!

One lucky Bragging Mommy Reader will win a Micro Mini Kickboard Scooter in their choice of color!

Scottsdale Moms Blog

March 24, 2015 1:36:13 PM EDT

If you are like me, then you stress over finding the perfect gift for your child. Whether for a holiday or birthday, you desire quality for lasting fun at an affordable price. Well, ladies…. Say “goodbye” to purchasing the over-sized, battery operated, airplane, musical, ride-a-long toy for your child’s first and say “HELLO” to investing in the award winning Micro Mini 3in1 Kickboard Scooter!

This contemporary, stylish, any-child-can-carry 4 lbs., FUN-colored, 3-way ride exudes durability and quality right from the box delivered to the door. There are no flimsy pieces – only sturdy metal, strong molding, and ergonomic hand grips. Assembly is super quick and easy – less than 5 minutes. (My 5 year old helped me put it together. She now thinks she owns it ‘cause she built it! But, we share…) Often used outside, the 3in1 scooter’s quiet riding and soft edge design makes it AWESOME for INDOOR use, too. This comes in handy on those long, hot Arizona summer days.




* One entry per person, per entry method. Only local Arizona residents are eligible to win. No purchase necessary to enter. 

1) COMMENT: Leave a comment below letting us know what color is your (or your kiddos’) favorite

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Contest closes at midnight, March 27th. The giveaway winner will be randomly drawn the following day and will be notified by email. Good luck!

Thank you to Micro Kickboards for supporting SMB.

Hint Mama

September 19, 2014 1:59:13 PM EDT

Note from Hint Mama: We’re still bringing our big stroller with us when we travel, but I know the day will come when my daughter will be too big for a stroller. When that day comes, I’m going to try out this brilliant trick from Eileen Gunn, founder of family travel site FamiliesGo!

What do you do when your kids are too big for a stroller but still too small for the amount of walking that comes with a city vacation?

Today’s hint is to try a scooter! We took our Mini Micro Kick on this summer’s trip to Paris, following the advice of a friend whose 4 and 6-year-old kids used scooters during a trip to London.

It was a life saver. On any given day we might explore two or three neighborhoods and cover a couple of miles on foot seeing the city (or looking for a metro station). As long as my 6-year-old daughter could scoot, we had not one complaint out of her. Plus, without the scooter we would have taken the metro a lot more (which can add up) and seen a lot less.

Here are three tips for a scooter vacation:

 1. Buy or Pack: Your Choice. I thought about buying a cheap scooter in Paris and leaving it there, but I didn’t want to spend my first few days in a city I didn’t know scouting for a toy store.

So, I decided to pack our scooter. I took our Mini Micro Kick apart and laid it in the bottom of my suitcase. Then I wedged in the helmet in (you can pack small items in the helmet to save space).

While having the scooter was more than worth it, it did make my suitcase heavy. If we were staying longer, if I knew the city, or if we were staying with friends or family, I would have bought a cheap scooter when I got to our destination.

At Baby Chic NY in New York City, you can rent a Mini Micro Kick for $35 a week. Wish this service was available in more cities!

2. Choose Your Scooter. I love the Micro Kick Scooters because they have two front wheels and kids steer by leaning the handlebar from side to side rather than turning it. The scooters are stable and intuitive, and kids as young as 3 get the hang of them pretty easily. They’re also compact enough to carry on subways, check at museums or tuck under the table at restaurants.

If you don’t want to pay what these Swiss-designed scooters cost just for a vacation, you can find less expensive scooters at stores like Target.

For kids younger than 7 or so, stay away from two-wheeled scooters and three-wheelers with a single front wheel unless your child already knows how to use them. They require more balance and steering and have a frustrating learning curve. Skinned knees definitely put a crimp in a vacation.

Scooters that fold are even more compact than the Micro Kicks, but some of the metal ones are surprisingly heavy.

3. Make Sure Your Kid Knows the Rules. As a city kid, my daughter has spent several years scooting to pre-K, school, summer camp and all around our hood. She knows to stop before the corners, stay close crossing streets and not race too far ahead on crowded sidewalks. And we know she has pretty good scooting stamina.

If your child isn’t an experienced scooter rider, the above are good rules to have. And I’d recommend spending a few minutes practicing them before heading out on your adventure.

Have you brought a scooter on your vacation? What are your tips?

Eileen Gunn is the founder of FamiliesGo!, a website that helps parents plan better family vacations more easily. She’s a veteran journalist, fearless traveler and mom of one. Her hotel-loving 6-year-old has been out of the country nine times (plus 2 in utero), taken 2 cruises, boarded several planes and taken a bunch of car trips. You can follow Eileen on Pinterest or Twitter.

Photo credit: FamiliesGo!

Mom Trends

July 17, 2014 2:05:01 PM EDT

Living in NYC, our strollers really become our cars where we take them everywhere we go. Now that my youngest (and soon middle) daughter is three years old we have been getting around with a new set of wheels. While she still uses a stroller, she is way more active and wants to move around just like her sister so we generally walk, and now scoot everywhere.

As an introduction to the world of scooters, she started with the Mini Micro Classic by Kickboard. As a three-wheel scooter, I put it together in seconds where I simply had to align the flat side of the T-Bar with the hole in the stroller and we were ready to go.

I instantly loved how light and easy it was to grasp (the scooter only weights 4.2 pounds) as she hopped on and held onto the adjustable handles. The beauty of this scooter is that it also offer children an intuitive riding experience as they learn about their weight and how it shifts during a ride.

During our test ride, this was fun to watch as she learned to shift from side-to-side to direct her movement as well as test out the brakes on the back. Another unique feature is having a removable and adjustable handlebar that is great for travel and storage.

I also loved the strong chassis that comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, red, green orange, aqua and more for a personalized and colorful way for your child to showcase their ride.

The scooter has also received tons of awards including the ASTRA Best Toy Award 2014, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold, Platinum and SNAP Award Seals 2009, 2010 and 2011, Parents’ Choice Award 2010, Learning Express Best Toy Award/Outdoor 2009, Tillywig Top Fun Award 2014.

Designed for kids 3 to 5 years old, we love this smooth and safe ride for our kids that makes it even easier for them to enjoy life outside of the stroller.

The Happiest Home

July 9, 2014 2:08:26 PM EDT


I am an oldest child: responsible, independent, a rule-follower, and rather fond of predictability. (Just ask Meagan, a youngest child, about how we offset and complement one another in our working relationship.)

As a mom of three, though, I’m raising an oldest, a middle, and youngest child, and I find it fascinating to see birth order dynamics play out (sometimes as expected, other times less so). My littlest is a wild child: spirited, adventurous, full of mischief, at once a flirt and a bully, and – above all – determined to do things the bigger kids are doing. 

Whether it’s feeding herself with a spoon (no help, please), climbing ladders (don’t worry, mom – I’ve got this!), or insisting on using the big kid LEGOs (Duplo? Nah.), this one won’t be slowed down by the fact that she’s not quite a year and a half old. Where they go, she follows, fast and dangerous.

Anyway, I was excited when Micro Kickboard offered Violet the chance to try out the Mini Micro 3-in-1 Scooter. Until now, she’s been pushed in a stroller or pulled in a wagon when the older two ride their bikes, so I knew she’d LOVE a set of wheels of her own. The 3-in-1 is a convertible scooter for kids ages 1-5, with three different set-ups depending on the child’s size and ability. A sturdy little seat allows toddlers to sit and push themselves with their feet rather than stand on the kickboard; when they’re ready to stand and scoot, a shorter “O-Bar” provides the right grip at the right height; and finally, a traditional “T-Bar” replaces that for ages 3 and up.

The Mini Micro was easy to assemble (no tools required besides the allen wrench provided, which attaches and removes the seat), and we’ve tried each of the three arrangements to see how they worked. At 18 months, Violet is definitely more comfortable sitting than standing, but she did love trying it the big kid way (middle photo, below). My four-year-old (pictured below, on the right) loved using the scooter with the T-Bar and got the hang of steering and braking pretty quickly. He’s always been a trike-and-bike kid, so this was mostly new for him.

I love how easily the scooter converts from one set-up to the next, and the quality of the materials and construction seems a step above what you’d find in the big box stores. And the colors! I love the variety offered, and the fact that there are several truly gender-neutral choices in there. It was hard to choose, but I went with purple (my default for little Violet, ha).


To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post. Tell me about the birth order dynamics in your family. Tell me about the kid who’d love to scoot around on this. Or just tell me you want to win. Good luck, and happy scooting!

In the know mom

June 22, 2014 2:11:02 PM EDT

When I was in fifth grade my best friend had a purple scooter. I wanted that scooter, I begged my parents for a scooter and in the end I never did get a scooter. When I saw that scooters where making a comeback, I knew that I had to get one for my girls.

Micro Kickboard scooters are where it is at. They have a scooter for just about everyone in the family. They recently sent us a Maxi Micro for my eldest daughter to review, which is for the 5-12 year old range and up to 120 lbs.  I wish I could insert a picture of my face when I found this out. Since I am the size of a 12 year old (really I haven’t grown since then) I was ecstatic. That meant I could try it out….you know for the sake of the review. Truth be told, I know that I can get my own, Micro Kickboard actually makes adult sizes (weight capacity of 220 lbs).They make mini sizes as well, with a 3 in 1 option that is perfect for ages 1-5. Like I mentioned before, just about everyone in the family can be gliding along on a scooter.

The Maxi is simple to maneuver and since it’s a 3-wheeled kickboard you don’t have to worry about balance like you do on a two wheeled scooter. You can just get on and go. The wide deck allows for easy foot placement along with keeping you stable and balanced.  This is key, compared to other scooters that I’ve seen, the Maxi’s base is one of the only ones that allows you to rest your foot easily behind the other while you steer and scoot.  This also allows for easy access to the foot break in the back of the scooters board. The Micro Kickboard’s wheels are small and are made of a hard rubber.  It’s a smooth, smooth ride and so much fun.

Scooters have come a long way since I was a kid.  Where it once was a bicycle style handle bar that you would have to rotate right and left to turn has now become an adjustable length T-bar that you move by tilting and steering. The Maxi adjustable handlebar can extend from 24 inches to 34 inches high. You can also choose the Pilot Stick style handle bar for a more advanced maneuvering style. I love that you can take the handle bar completely out. It makes for simple storing and traveling.

My daughter loves riding her kickboard (seriously so much so that I can’t even get her to ride her bike). She rides it everywhere. It’s great for when we have some older kids over, they are able to adjust the handle bar by themselves and all take turns. It’s very versatile that way and is hours of enjoyment.  The quality of these kickboards is superb and will last for many years. Micro Kickboard does have replacement pieces for all their kickboards and scooters just in case something does go awry.

If you get tired of one color or want to pass it on to somebody else of a different gender, no problem. You can even change out the deck to another color. The Maxi Micro comes in 10 different color choices. I’m sure you’ll find one to your liking. Purchase your Maxi Micro for $129.99 and if you have children younger than 5 check out the Mini. Or if you’re feeling spunky and want to feel the wind in your hair, go ahead a pick one up for yourself. I know I just might have too……

3 boys and a Dog

June 11, 2014 2:13:00 PM EDT

I had been searching for a scooter for some time now that was high-quality and easy enough for my 2.5 year old and 4 year old to “get the hang of”. So, this week I am proud to review Micro Kickboards!

My toddlers are both using the Mini Micro. It is a high-quality, 3-wheel scooter with an award-winning Swiss design. The target age range for this model is ages 3-5 and it is not hard to see why this was such a hit with my kids.

The scooter has a low-to-the-ground deck and a gentle lean-and-steer handle bar. I love the fact that my kids don’t have to turn and twist left or right. They simply lean into the handle bar and it guides itself in either direction. This kick board is very stable, unlike others I had been looking at. The fact that my kids can simply use their own body weight to curve left or right allowed me to see them naturally work on their balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. The deck of the Mini is large enough for their two little feet and my daughter (the 4 year old) immediately got the hang of switching from pushing with one foot to gliding. I didn’t even instruct her and she was already doing it! The mini weighs in at a mere 3.3 pounds, so I definitely plan to bring it with us this summer and let them sidewalk surf down the boardwalk at the beach or up and down the hallways in our hotel.

Micro Kickboard also offer a large range of products for ages 1-12. Their colors are fun and the quality is bar none.

I hope you try one out this summer for your child/children- you won’t be disappointed!

Sisters to Sons

June 4, 2014 2:15:08 PM EDT


I have been blessed with the most amazing neighborhood in the world. You can walk outside, and there are playmates galore. We consider ourselves a “front yard neighborhood” – all of the action happens out front on the street. Kids on bikes, on swings, in wagons, in strollers, and the latest craze is kids on scooters! And not just any scooter – Micro Kickboards to be exact. But not my kids. We were still on bikes and feeling a little left out. We had one scooter, but it wasn’t as fast or as smooth as the other kids’ scooters (not going to mention any names. Ok hint: rhymes with “tazor”). When Micro Kickboard offered me a scooter to test out, I jumped on the opportunity!

Choosing the Right Kickboard for your Kid:

I chose the Maxi Micro Kickboard for my 3 year old. When Grandmom heard I was getting one she bought all of the other grandkids one too… lucky ducks… so my 5 year old is the proud owner of a Maxi as well. The Maxi is recommended for ages 5-12, but I read this article about “tween” kids, kids who are between a Mini (ages 3-5) and a Maxi and decided they would both be best suited on a Maxi due to the “older brother factor”. If I were to get one for my 1 year old, I would definitely go with the Micro 3in1 which converts as they grow. (Oh, and did you know I am giving a 3in1 away in my Ultimate Summer Giveaway? Go ahead and enter now!)

Maxi Micro Scooter Specs:

Because I only have the Maxi, I’ll fill you in on all the details on this particular Kickboard. This award winning scooter has 3 wheels that are designed (ingeniously in my opinion) so the rider has “lean and steer capabilities” to achieve that smooth-sailing surfer feel. This means the handle bar does NOT turn left and right. You steer by leaning either direction. It took my kids a few minutes to figure this out and they were good to go! The Maxi is extremely lightweight and no problem for my 31 pound 3 year old to carry. The handle bar extends from 24 inches – 36 inches and is easily adjusted with the release of a clamp and the push of a button. There is also a rear brake that slows the scooter to a stop (you know, instead of using the road and tearing up a pair of sneakers).

Here is a video of my 3 year old riding the Maxi on the first day he got it. My 2 year old niece is riding the Mini.

The most fun!

(here is that article again in case your kids are tweeners)

Um, yeah. Tell Grandmom we need 2 more!! (And, yes, they do make these for adults – Just ask Hugh Jackman. He rides a Micro Kickoard. Check it out here. Oh, and while we are on the topic of celebrities, you can check out all the celebrities and celebrity mini-me’s who are Micro Kickboard groupies too – Suri Cruise, SJP’s twins, Matthew Mcconaughey’s son – just to name a few!)

We have had these scooters for a week and they are a million percent worth the price tag. A truly impressive product. And don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY for the 3in1!

Hit me up with your questions in the comments! What else do you want to know?

You can follow Micro Kickboards on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to get more scoop and hear about special offers!

And one last thought to leave you with…


Sweet Little Peanut

May 22, 2014 2:17:37 PM EDT

It feels like we’ve waited forever for it to finally warm up and for summer to be here. There are so many fun outdoor activities we have been dreaming of doing and now the time is finally here! Last Spring we talked about one of our favorite products, the Mini Macro Kickboard Scooter and no joke our little peanuts have been obsessed with their scooters ever since. They go with us everywhere and they have become quite the scoot scoot masters!

With some of our little peanuts getting a little older and getting more interested in riding “big kid bikes” we knew it was time get started with a balance bike. Balance bikes allow you to bypass training wheels by teaching balance from the start. It’s a bike without pedals or chains that little peanuts propel with their feet, learning balance and coordination needed to ride a real bike. We knew we would love the Micro Balance G-Bike +  just as much as our scooters!

Constructed of aluminium, the G-Bike + is ultra lightweight and it’s super easy to maneuver! This bike is perfect for kiddos ages 2-5 and the s adjustable seat and steering mechanism accommodate growing kids. The quality durability and construction means it can be passed down through our family for years! And of course we have to protect those sweet little heads with a helmet! We are totally in love with Nutcase Helmets and their Little Nutty line is perfect for little toddler size heads. These helmets have a spin dial in the back for maximum comfort and the Nutcase magnetic buckle for one-handed operation and, best of all, NO PINCHING! We can’t wait for our bike ride adventures this summer!

We are so excited to be able to spread our love of theMicro Balance bike by GIVING AWAY a bike to one luck reader! Make sure to enter the giveaway below!