Frequent flyers know better than anyone that the world just keeps getting smaller. With many colleagues, friends and family around the world, air travel connects us for happy reunions and important business decisions. Facetime just isn't cutting it.

Everyone seems to be traveling more frequently these days, and as air travel grows, the airports are getting bigger too. It is not uncommon to walk a mile or two between gates. Will travelers some day be able to earn frequent flier points for their mileage on the ground?!

The bumps that travelers experience on the way to the gate are also getting bigger. Backups at airport security, gate changes and long lines at Starbucks cause unwanted turbulence before even getting off the ground.

You've probably never thought of flying through the airport to get to your gate but no doubt when faced with a tight connection you wished you could. Innovative Swiss company Micro-Mobility has created luggage that can help you make tight connections in style, like traveling business class through the airport. Walking can seem so pedestrian!

Who Rides Micro Luggage? We asked 3 high flyers from the US ski team who have been riding Micro for at least a year and here's what they had to say:


Adam Loomis, US ski team:

We all love your bags and use them every time we fly - which is a lot!

I’ve had my Micro Luggage for over a year now and it always makes travel fun. Not to mention that they really are useful in making tight connections and they are faster than the airport trains.

I'm constantly stopped by people who want to know more about it. We’re always the coolest people in the airport.

Here’s a link to a video I made last year on our scooters:


Billy Demong, US ski team

The Micro bags make travel way more fun!  I've never seen so many heads turn and everyone from passengers to pilots wants to know, 'where did you get that?!'


Dave Jarrett, Head Coach,  US ski team, Nordic combined

The Micro Luggage is very useful for getting around airports - there have been several instances where I would have missed a connection had it not been for the Micro Luggage. It definitely generates quite a bit of rubber necking and people asking 'where did you get that bag - that's one of the coolest things I’ve seen'.

Normally, I take a backpack for my computer (even though Micro luggage has a computer compartment) and I carry a couple days of clean clothes in my Micro Luggage and if I am traveling far, I check a bag. But if its a quick trip, I don't even check a bag.


Geoff Hawksworth, owner, Micro Kickboard

I like to minimize the time spent in the airport, so I take the Micro luggage. I get to ride my luggage to and from the gate, and have no checked luggage to wait for. Also great for getting to the Starbucks 20 gates away from mine!

If I am travelling for 4 nights or longer I will still take the Micro luggage to save time getting around the airport and check a bag for the extra stuff.


Another high flyer who uses Micro Luggage is Steve Aoki. Steve is such a fan of the luggage that he requested his own version. See Photo.