I have been blessed with the most amazing neighborhood in the world. You can walk outside, and there are playmates galore. We consider ourselves a “front yard neighborhood” – all of the action happens out front on the street. Kids on bikes, on swings, in wagons, in strollers, and the latest craze is kids on scooters! And not just any scooter – Micro Kickboards to be exact. But not my kids. We were still on bikes and feeling a little left out. We had one scooter, but it wasn’t as fast or as smooth as the other kids’ scooters (not going to mention any names. Ok hint: rhymes with “tazor”). When Micro Kickboard offered me a scooter to test out, I jumped on the opportunity!

Choosing the Right Kickboard for your Kid:

I chose the Maxi Micro Kickboard for my 3 year old. When Grandmom heard I was getting one she bought all of the other grandkids one too… lucky ducks… so my 5 year old is the proud owner of a Maxi as well. The Maxi is recommended for ages 5-12, but I read this article about “tween” kids, kids who are between a Mini (ages 3-5) and a Maxi and decided they would both be best suited on a Maxi due to the “older brother factor”. If I were to get one for my 1 year old, I would definitely go with the Micro 3in1 which converts as they grow. (Oh, and did you know I am giving a 3in1 away in my Ultimate Summer Giveaway? Go ahead and enter now!)

Maxi Micro Scooter Specs:

Because I only have the Maxi, I’ll fill you in on all the details on this particular Kickboard. This award winning scooter has 3 wheels that are designed (ingeniously in my opinion) so the rider has “lean and steer capabilities” to achieve that smooth-sailing surfer feel. This means the handle bar does NOT turn left and right. You steer by leaning either direction. It took my kids a few minutes to figure this out and they were good to go! The Maxi is extremely lightweight and no problem for my 31 pound 3 year old to carry. The handle bar extends from 24 inches – 36 inches and is easily adjusted with the release of a clamp and the push of a button. There is also a rear brake that slows the scooter to a stop (you know, instead of using the road and tearing up a pair of sneakers).