With so many people of all ages whizzing around on scooters these days, we thought it might be helpful to provide some information about the different kinds on the market. The   most obvious source of confusion is the increasing number of 3-wheel scooters, called Kickboards.  So, today's SCOOTER SCOOP is about the features and benefits of the 3-wheel Kickboard Scooters that can be seen everywhere, being ridden by kids and adults on their way to school or work.  At Micro Kickboard, we offer both 2-wheel scooters and 3-wheel kickboards, and we thought you might like to know some of the reasons people ride Kickboards.

Kickboard is a type of scooter that has 3 wheels - two in front and one in back. Micro Kickboards have a lean-to style of steering that involves the rider shifting their weight, or leaning to turrn right or left, similar to other weight-shifting sports like skiing or surfing. The turn is more of a curving action, sometimes we describe it as ‘surfing’ the sidewalk.

The first kickboards were made in 1999 by Micro-Mobility, Switzerland.  Micro also is the inventor of the foldable 2-wheel scooter.

One of the main benefits to the Kickboard is its style of ride. It’s fun. Even non-adventurous types love the curve and carve. Typically, riders make nice long curves, and together with the smooth glide, it’s a very enjoyable way to get around. To see a kickboard in action, see the video below – it is of the Maxi but a few seconds into it, you will start to see the curving action.

See the Lean-to Steering on the Maxi Micro Kickboard Video

Another advantage of the Kickboard, and it’s a big one, is that it SITS UP WHEN YOU HOP OFF. If you are underwhelmed, it may be because you don’t own one. A kickboard stays upright when you hop off, instead of falling to the ground, joining the bike rack tangle. It's very neat, and very convenient. You can hop back on it anytime and for most riders, that means it is easy to ride more often. It also means that ‘parking’ a kickboard is an instantaneous gesture – hop off, you’re parked! Your kickboard is ready to ride again when you are.

To many people, kids and adults alike, an important advantage of a kickboard is that the 2 wheels in front provide extra balance and stability. You’ve got more wheel on the ground, more road-holding, helpful whether you ride fast or slow.

The last advantage worth mentioning is that riding a kickboard looks and feels cool.

Another handy feature of Kickboards is that they are foldable, which makes them portable..which makes them great transport!  When you arrive at your destination fold your kickboard and carry it inside.  The Mini Micro kickboard scooters are very lightweight and easy to carry. Some of our favorite celebrities have purchased the Mini Micro for their children and their photos appear occasionally in the press, to assist us in showing how easy it is to carry the Mini Micro.

Stella McCartney carrying her own designer bag AND her son's Mini Micro kickboard scooter.

Claudia carrying her adorable daughter's Mini Micro Kickboard scooter.

One of the biggest advantages of the 3-wheel kickboards (the ones by Micro that is) is that they have all replaceable parts. So you will never have to throw one away - it can last, virtually forever.

How popular are Kickboards? At Micro Kickboard, where we sell both 2-wheel and the 3-wheel kickboards,  the 3-wheel Mini Micro kickboard scooter for ages 3-5 and the Maxi Micro for ages 5-11 far outstrip sales of 2-wheel scooters.  For stability, durability and fun, the 3-wheel kickoboard is a hands down winner. Kids can feel the quality when they ride a Micro Kickboard - it's a really solid ride thanks to the tight construction and smooth glide.  Kids also love the ‘surfing’ motion, but whatever style you choose, Micro Kickboards are a fast, fun, healthy way to way to get around town.