I love having 3 kids. The best thing about having 3 kids? It's a party all the time. With 2 kids, it was awesome with things under control and well balanced, but I always considered my family a little family of 4, just me and my husband and 2 kids. But with 3 kids, it's chaotic, busy, overwhelming, but so much fun, rambunctious and it's a party all the time! I don't consider my family a small family anymore, oh, it's way too chaotic to be considered small! 
And depending on the day, I want another child. Today, not so much, Ha! They were so moody today, but so was I! Sometimes I worry my little boy will grow up feeling a little lonely, wishing he had a brother or a sister closer to his age. My two girls are 16 months apart and are best-est friends whose interests are exactly the same. Then when my two girls were 4 and 5 years old, my son was born, so I feel like I need to have another child that's closer to his age since his sisters are basically twins and so close.
Before my son was born, we got the girls these scooters and my son would just watch them or I'd have to bike around with him since he always wants to play with his sisters and adores them. So we got him this little scooter, and you should have seen the first time he rode around with his sister, he was beaming left and right! He was so happy he was "same same" as his older sisters. And the last picture, he had just learned minutes before that if he lifts up his legs, he can go down fast and he doesn't have to walk his legs while going down on his scooter! He was so proud of himself. He tries so hard to keep up with his sisters and the girls are so sweet, they always come back around to him to go with him or to wait for him. It makes me feel less guilty that he's kind of the odd one out and the third-wheel. He'll be fine being the only boy in the family and having two sisters who are 4 and 5 years older than him, right? He wouldn't feel left out right? And his sisters will always make sure to include him? I don't know. It's something I am constantly debating about. Why can't we have children without ever going through the pregnancy, the labor & the recovery, breastfeeding and getting practically no sleep for 6 months and all the poopy diapers? I'd have 10 kids if that was the case!
But then I look at these adorable pictures of my cute kids that I am completely obsessed with, and I think to myself, 'Every single pain and frustrations and hardships I went through to have them and raise them has been worth every single bit and more. And the happiness and the laughter they have brought to my life triumphs all the hardships by ten fold.' So right when I am thinking I am ready to have another kid, someone spills cocktail sauce on the carpet and two of them get in a fight and start crying......
Do any of you ever debate over whether you're done having kids or not? What is your dilemma?