I enjoy using airport travelators (moving walkways) to a somewhat irrational degree.

Travelators make moving around the airport a whole lot easier, and, call me immature, I find them quite entertaining as well.

Travelator aka Moving Walkway

Riding around on the Micro Luggage is like walking along a moving walkway, except better. Imagine if all the floors in the entire airport were a massive travelator. That’s what riding the around the airport with Micro Luggage is like.

On the smooth airport floors, the Micro Luggage glides effortlessly, slicing the time it takes to get from the security checkpoint to your gate in half. While at first glance the Micro Luggage might seem like an interesting novelty item, I’ve found after testing that it’s a surprisingly practical suitcase for travelers of all kind.

Me riding the Micro Luggage in JFK airport

Here are my thoughts after traveling with the Micro Luggage:


  • Makes traveling around the airport much faster
  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Durable
  • Sleek look
  • Good organization, laptop compartment, easy to access things inside the bag
  • Overall thoughtful design and layout (it’s also a great conversation starter)
  • Suitable for travelers of all ages
  • Easy to use and easy to fold and unfold

Scooter luggage

The Micro Luggage was designed for indoor use. It works best on smooth floors, however I’ve used it on sidewalks and in parking lots without any issues.

The back of the Micro Luggage. It's hard sided.

The luggage also has a cover for the back wheel. This make the luggage not roll away when placed flat on the floor and also prevents the wheel from touching your pants when you’re pulling the luggage.

Cover for the back wheel

How To Fold And Unfold The Micro Luggage:

At the airport

Starting at the folded position:

  1. Retract the telescoping handle
  2. Pull the blue tab to release the part of the scooter which you step on
  3. Pull the scooter part down until it locks into place
  4. Pull up the lever to lock the handle (honestly this isn’t totally necessary, but the instructions say to do it. The telescoping handle is already locked in place, but when you pull the lever, it makes it even stiffer so it won’t wobble when you’re riding.)
  5. Start riding

Pull the blue tab to unlock the scooter mechanism

To put the scooter into the folded position:

  1. Pull the locking lever for the telescoping handle back down
  2. Pull the blue tab to unlock the part you step on (sometimes you have to pull really hard. When I first got the Micro Luggage I didn’t realize this and thought mine was stuck, but in reality you just have to pull the tab hard until you hear it click.)
  3. Fold the part you step on back up, make sure it’s locked in place
  4. Cover the back wheel with the included cover
  5. Extend the handle farther if necessary (see image below)
  6. You’re done

Extending handle

The telescoping handle is long enough when riding, but a bit short when pulling the Micro Luggage. To solve the issue, Micro’s handle has an extension which can be used when pulling. To extend the handle, you can’t use the normal blue button on the top of the handle; you have to push in the metal side locking mechanisms then pull the handle up. It’s a makeshift solution, but it works.

(These instructions will make a lot more sense if you have the Micro Luggage with you.)

Interior and Organization:

The Micro Luggage is divided into 3 parts:

  1. The front mesh compartment
  2. The padded laptop compartment with some smaller pockets for documents and other small items
  3. The main compartment at the back of the bag

When packing the Micro Luggage, remember to pack heavier items towards the back of the bag so the suitcase won’t be off balance when riding.

The laptop compartment makes it easy to take your laptop out when going through airport security.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Micro Luggage:

  • Are you even allowed to ride it around the airport?

I’ve ridden around New York City JFK airport on the Micro Luggage without any issues. Airport workers and TSA staff didn’t mind. In fact, while in the departures lounge in one of the terminals, I noticed a store selling the Micro Luggage. If they’re selling this luggage in JFK, it’s only natural that they’d let you use it there.

I haven’t checked with the rules of every airport, but I’d imagine New York City JFK is a pretty standard airport and other airports would have similar rules.

Yes, the Micro Luggage has a brake

  • Isn’t the Micro Luggage only for “young people”?

When first demonstrating the Micro Luggage to my dad, he quickly dismissed the product as something “for young people”. I begged to differ.

The Micro Luggage is designed for adults and is actually helpful for those who need to get around the airport quickly or can’t walk for long distances. The handles and sizing is large enough and meant for adults.

I understand that you would stand out when riding around the airport on your luggage and that that might seem unconventional and possibly immature, but it’s actually extremely practical. The luggage overall has a sleek and professional look and if you’re not riding it, the Micro Luggage blends in.

  • Does it meet carry-on requirements?

This is a bit complicated.

The Micro Luggage has a standard carry-on luggage size when folded. However, the back wheel juts out a bit, extending past normal airport carry-on size boxes. See the image below:

Micro Luggage in Delta carry-on size check


































(Honestly, I probably could have forced it into the box, or placed it more carefully, but I didn’t want the hassle of having to take it back out.)

While it is a tight fit, I think you’d most likely be able to get by with this luggage as a carry-on with most airlines in America.

You won’t be able to travel carry-on with this luggage on most European budget airlines. The main thing I’d be concerned about is weight, as I go over in the ‘Cons’ section.

It's best to fold the luggage up before going on the escalator.


  • Heavy, 11.9 lbs when empty according to my luggage scale
  • Small capacity
  • If you’re traveling with a group, unless everyone in the group has a Micro Luggage
  • Minor issue: zippers aren’t lockable

The Micro Luggage is heavier than the normal carry-ons. Imagine the weight of an average suitcase, then add the weight of a scooter to that. That’s the weight of the Micro Luggage. All of the components are durable and sturdy, since it’s built to hold users weighing up to 220 lbs, and the weight of the solid metal components add up.

In my opinion, weight isn’t a massive drawback since most of the time you’ll be riding the luggage. You don’t have to frequently the Micro Luggage up, only when putting into a plane’s overhead compartment or when loading it into the trunk of a car.

Micro Luggage Review

One thing that I am concerned about the weight, though, is that it is too heavy for a lot of international airlines, both budget and standard. Air France has a carry-on weight limit of 26 lbs, Air China’s limit is 11 lbs, Air New Zealand’s limit is 15 lbs and Lufthansa has a limit of 17.5 lbs.

With a suitcase weighing 11.9 lbs, you wouldn’t even be able to travel carry-on on Air China even if it’s empty.

Carrying the Micro Luggage up the stairs by its handle

Most airline in America don’t have weight limits, so weight isn’t a big issue, however Hawaiian Airlines has a 25 lb carry-on limit and Frontier Airlines has a 35 lb limit.

Compared to other carry-on suitcases, the Micro Luggage has a small capacity. That is for two reasons: (1) there’s a kickboard attached to it and (2) it has a more curved design instead of the normal boxy suitcase design. I’ve used the bag for a weekend trip, but you’re going to have to pack very light if you want to use it for weeklong or longer trips.

I’d prefer if the zippers on the Micro Luggage were lockable, but honestly, I’d be more concerned about someone walking off with the entire luggage than I would about a thief opening the main compartment.

Micro Luggage

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The Verdict:

The Micro Luggage is a scooter-suitcase hybrid that’s not only practical, it’s a lot of fun to ride. The design overall is well thought out, and despite some small quirks.

The Micro Luggage costs retail $299. $300 isn’t cheap, but I think in the end it’s worth it considering it’s a suitcase with a built in scooter and that it’s cheaper than some normal carry-on suitcases.