Navigating the streets of New York City with kids always requires top-notch gear. What the car is to the suburban mom, the stroller is to the city mom. As functional as a stroller is, however, it isn't always the most fun way for kids to get around as they get bigger. Sometimes they want to hop out of that seat and go, which is why for ages 3+, the scooter is an amazing alternative.

We live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, known to many as "stroller country". On any given day, you will find approximately 3 strollers per city block. What you will also notice (when the weather gets warmer) is an almost equivalent amount of scooters: they are either dangling off of the stroller on the way to school pick-up or transporting a tiny helmeted person, zipping down the sidewalk, scaring the bejesus out of innocent pedestrians. Just as the Bugaboo or UppaBaby stroller has become a city mom staple, the Mini Micro Scooter ($79.99) has made quite a name for itself.

Here's why it's a mama{love}:
1. The sturdy 3-wheel design makes it easy to use even for the tiniest of toddlers. My product tester, Harper, has mastered it at 22 months, simply by watching her big bro.
2. The scooter wheels provide not only a smooth ride, but a quiet one, while the wide base of the kickboard accommodates kids of all sizes.
3. The scooter has a "lean-to-steer mechanism", teaching kids how to use the weight of their bodies to move the board in different directions.
4. It is incredibly lightweight at just 4 pounds. If your little guy tires out, it is manageable to hang from the stroller or carry.
5. The Mini Micro is very compact to store: simply detach the T-bar from the kickboard with the push of a button. It can easily be stored flat, even in your stroller storage area when not in use on-the-go.
6. It can accommodate up to 44 pounds, which means it will likely last from your child's second to fifth birthday.
7. The scooter encourages kids to be active, while teaching them balance and coordination. It gets them out of the stroller and onto the street.
8. It is the coolest way to get to school, especially when walking seems to take way too long at this age.

For more information about the Mini Micro and other products by Micro Kickboard, visit their site and follow them on Facebook. If your kid doesn't have one yet and they are over two, add it to their wish list for their next birthday - you will score major cool points...

A Micro Mini scooter was given to me on behalf of Micro Kickboard. All opinions are my own and all products are tested/reviewed by me.