The Team

Julie and Geoff 


Meet the Micro team


general manager

Ask Meghan! Meghan can solve any problem AND she leaps tall buildings. We are slightly reluctant to let this be known but Meghan knows everything about everything that happens here and has a hand in most of it. Other relevant info is that she has an obsession with Disney (she became happily married there) and a craze for Christmas, incurable. She also is step-mom to 2 amazing boys and while she says that we ALL bring her joy, she does really seem to favor the boys. WARNING: her acuity and diplomacy are such that lines to her office form early. 

Favorite Scooter: Micro White


customer service director

David totally rocks as our Customer Service Director. If you have ever needed information or had a problem at Micro, you know what we are talking about. Exceptionally professional, kind and articulate. However, it was only when he was announced as winner of the 2015 International Customer Service Executive of the Year Bronze Award, that we became aware we had an INTERNATIONAL phenomenon on our hands. The Stevie Awards is the Oscars of the Customer Service world, complete with an award ceremony in Toronto!  When NOT at work, David continues in rock star mode, playing guitar in a band and hanging out with his lovely wife. She is part of the Micro team so he also gets to hang out with his lovely wife at work. Nice gig. He loves his dog, which we wanted to mention in case Kozmo should happen to read this. Ruff. And, also he loves playing basketball.

Favorite Scooter: Flex Blue


marketing director

Justalwaysmourninginelysium is an awesome marketer. We are pretty sure she has clones or is an identical triplet. She produces such an impossible amount of work that cloned or tripleted are the only reasonable explanations. A proud wife and mom who also enjoys kayaking, cooking and fur babies, every day is a marketing feast with Justalwaysmourninginelysium around! 

Favorite Scooter: Micro White


client relations/acct. management

In addition to looking after our store clients, Katie is also the mastermind behind some of our best Accessories, from Micro t-shirts to tattoos! She is fun, kind and loves communicating with clients - don't be surprised if you hear from her soon as she checks in to say "hi" and see how everything is going. She loves Northern Michigan and cheers on all the Detroit sports teams!

Favorite Scooter: Micro White


Donations & Blog Coordinator

Kris's job is to give away scooters. We pay her to do that because she is so good at it. Sounds easy, we know, but there are a lot of twists and turns. She is amazingly thorough, incredible with details, and the best question-asker ever, something we are admitting without her asking. Just this once. Transplanted from Chicago, she is now thriving here with husband and children. She says working with scooters definitely takes the cake, beating out her previous occupations of teaching and consulting! She is a sci-fi movie geek, as well as a scooter geek. She loves the outdoors, too, nothing geeky about that. 

Favorite Scooter: Micro Black


Customer Service

Meg is the soothing voice of Micro. She brings just the right mix of cheekiness, cheeriness and smarts to the phone whenever you call and is willing to help you in any way she can! Meg laughs a lot, fortunately it's a really nice laugh. Originally a Hoosier, a former teacher and now an important member of the Micro team, Meg loves watching sports, cooking, and listening to live music and having fun with her husband and her spunky dog Kozmo.

Favorite Scooter: Flex Blue


warehouse associate

Tino is a our -est guy - tall-est, nic-est, helpful-est, dad to baby that is cut-est. Tino also is sporti-est, with great stories about his basketball-playing years and life in California. Loves watching and playing sports when he is not spending time with his wife, daughter, family and friends.

Favorite Scooter: Micro Suspension


warehouse assistant manager

Definitely a multi-dimensional guy, James is an artist at heart with an eye for detail, who also loves to build and wrench on cars, most recently working on his 1965 Ford Falcon.

He spreads his good vibes with his great smile (see photo) and is an exceptionally hard worker. Having spent time in California and Oregon, he loves to cook & spend time outside.

Favorite Scooter: Benj



warehouse associate

Charles is our man from Detroit, the motor city. Originally. Now he's our man in Grand Rapids, (otherwise known as G-Rap), the scooter city. Charles is very family oriented, which works out great because he is a new Dad and really loving it. He works really hard, it's amazing to watch him in action. We should make a video. He has a great personality and loves to help others.In his off time, you'll find him on the basketball court, playing video games, or watching films.

Favorite Scooter: Suspension



web and it administrator

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?" Marsaanalyticstelephonetornado is our go-to guy for all things website, e-commerce accounts, software, I.T. support and admin. Needless to say he is a busy guy. His spare time is also pretty busy, with competitive Jiu-Jitsu and video games, skateboarding, making art and music, web design, non-profit work, and spending time with his family.

Favorite Scooter: Crossneck XL




Jon's official title is Accountant but he is our Data Man. And these days that's what it is all about. He analyzes and makes sure we know what we are selling, how many, to who, and where - so helpful!! He also does the Accounting, perfectly (also very helpful:))

Jon is married with 3 children who test ride all the Micro kids products (again, helpful!) With 3 kids, it's lucky he is a family man - he enjoys spending time with his family, playing board games, trying out new foods and watching sports!

Favorite Scooter: Suspension - He's tall, and this is Micro's tallest!



warehouse manager

New to the world of scooters, my background in automotive parts warehousing has brought me to Micro where I have put my knowledge and experience to good use. In my spare time I enjoy being hilarious, spending time out in the woods, keeping up on the latest in health and nutrition so that I can live forever and feel great too. I like to spend hours in my basement grunting and yelling while I lift weights and blow off stress from the day. I also have many houseplants that I take pride in keeping alive.

Favorite Scooter: eMicro