Steve Aoki Micro Luggage

  • Ride your carry-on luggage in the airport with our folding scooter luggage
  • Easily folds and fits in standard overhead compartment
  • Luggage is TSA compliant 

"I will not leave home without my Dim Mak x Micro Scooter Luggage. This is essential to me catching my flights traveling from one end of the airport to the other when my schedules are so tight. This is the best travel accessory I've ever used. Function and style all combined into one rolling luggage.

Scoot Scoot." - Steve Aoki

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Designed for adults, the Steve Aoki Micro Luggage is a roll aboard with built in scooter, built in blue tooth speaker and a style all of it's own. This is the roll aboard luggage every frequent flyer should have. With a TSA compliant suitcase, the Micro Luggage lets you comfortably get to your gate in half the time it takes walking. Fold the scooter up and your Micro luggage becomes a conventional roll aboard you pull behind you. While waiting at the gate to board access your laptop and paper work via the specially designed front pocket without disturbing you clothes. When you reach the plane, retract the handle and place in the standard overhead luggage bin as you would a regular roll aboard.

A strong aluminum deck and handlebar, together with smooth-riding polyurethane wheels make riding the Micro Luggage effortless, while the sleek Samsonite-designed luggage case has enough room for 2-3 days of clothing, workout gear, a 17 inch screen laptop, and separate easy grab pockets for toiletries, paperwork, etc. All the space you need for that quick trip!

The steering is based on the principle of weight transfer, simply lean to steer while riding the luggage. Now, with a new steering mechanism, the ride is more fluid than ever. You' should never miss another connection on your Micro Luggage.

New extendable handle bar allows for 3 inches of extra length (total 39 inches) for pulling your scooter behind you in roll aboard mode. It is not recommended to ride with the handlebar at this setting.



+ Separate easy grab pocket for wash bag

+ Separate mesh section gym clothes

+ Separate secure padded pouch for 17 inch laptop

+ Separate pockets for 8" x11" note pad, business cards etc

Micro Luggage suitcase is TSA compliant

Customer Reviews

I love this so much! Review by DJ TSUBEE
Overall Rating
This product is made for me! I fell in love at first sight and I just had to buy it. There are many reasons why I was attracted to this product.
First of all, I carry my little suitcase everywhere especially to the cities where I need to walk a lot. (Like NYC) So having the scooter attached to the luggage is a huge bonus to me. It is so unique and efficient. It looks weird and cool and that's why I love this. And playing the music from the built in speaker while riding it makes it weirder and cooler. The quality of speaker is so good and scooter is smooth. I was surprised how fast it could go! But you gotta be careful since you could lose the balance. You should start slow and get used to it. I scooted around with this in NYC and I had so much fun! Although I can't really ride this when there are too many people. So that case, the bike lane is perfect. But as long as it's not super crowded, I was riding it everywhere. I haven't ridden it at the airport yet but I can't wait!!! Because riding it on the smooth surface is much more fun! Lastly, the reason I chose Steve Aoki edition was that because I'm a fan of him, love the design, and I thought the built in speaker was cool! (Posted on 11/30/14)

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Additional Information

Age Adult
Weight capacity 220 lbs
Scooter Weight 11 lbs
Storage and Travel Folds to 22 x 14 x 10.5
Handle Height 36" from deck for riding.
Wheel size/material Front 110mm. Back 80mm. Polyurethane
Steering TBar
Length/width of standing deck 14 x 3.5 inches