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  • Benj By Micro

    Benj By Micro

    xtreme stunt scooter

    Benj Freestyle Scooter
  • MX Trixx

    MX Trixx

    one piece bar freestyle scooter


    With one piece bars, one of the strongest one-piece decks available. Whether you ride street or park the mx pro lets you lay down the best stunts.

  • MX Crossneck

    MX Crossneck

    xtreme stunt pro scooter


    The Crossneck is the ride of choice of many Micro Xtreme Pro-riders


Ready to take your scooter skills to the next level? Try a Mirco Xtreme scooter for the best quality trick scooters available. We have freestyle scooters for beginners and stunt pro scooters for the experienced riders. Kickboard Micro Xtreme scooters are designed and engineered to reach peak freestyle performance. All pro scooters are made with modular construction, which means that all parts are replaceable for customization or repair. Check out our Micro MX scooters as well as our new BENJ scooter. Head over to our videos page to see the Micro Team USA tear it up at the skate park.


Minimal Price: $129.99