How to Scoot Safely

Riding a Micro kickboard is good for the environment, good for fitness, and a convenient way to get around, not to mention a lot of fun. Children use their Micro Mini and Micro Maxi for playing in their neighborhoods and for transport to school, to the park or just out and about. Parents report that the reason they choose Micro’s Mini and Maxi kickboard style scooters is in part because their 3-wheel design is the most stable and safest available.

But, like many activities for children and adults, following basic rules and using caution when riding is all-important for safety.

Micro scooters are designed to be fun and healthy, so please scoot smart and scoot safe. We strongly support parents and schools in helping children follow these rules while using scooters:

  2. Wear elbow and knee pads
  3. Stay on the sidewalk when riding
  4. Walk the scooter across streets
  5. Check both ways 3 times before crossing the street
  6. Follow all local safety rules
  7. Adult supervision is recommended for children riding scooters
  8. Check scooters regularly to make sure they are in good working order and functioning properly. If something is worn or broken contact our customer service at 888.236.5657 for information, parts and repair
  9. Be respectful of pedestrians with whom you are sharing the sidewalks
  10. Scoot only in daylight when visibility is good
  11. Scoot only when sidewalks are smooth and dry, avoiding wet or broken sidewalks
  12. To stop quickly step off the scooter while still holding the T bar or joystick - if you do not feel safe easily stepping off the scooter,  you are going too fast, so slow down!