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Micro Luggage Reloaded


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Micro Luggage Reloaded



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Micro Luggage Reloaded

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Micro Luggage is a travel case with integral kickboard, designed to help high flyers move quickly and effortlessly through airports. It folds up into conventional wheeled luggage and the handlebar retracts for carrying and for placing into standard-size overhead luggage compartments.

The flexible fiberglass and wood deck and smooth-riding polyurethane wheels support a new, sleek Samsonite-designed luggage case with enough room for a few days of clothing, a mesh pocket for workout gear, a padded compartment to fit up to a 17 inch screen laptop, and separate easy grab pockets for toiletries, paperwork, etc. All the space you need for that quick trip!

The steering is based on the principle of weight transfer, simply lean to steer while riding the luggage. Now, with a new steering mechanism, the ride is more fluid than ever. You'll never miss another connection. Roll the World with Micro Luggage.

New extendable handle bar allows for 10cm of extra length for pulling your scooter behind you from point A to point B. It is not recommended to scoot with the handlebar at the highest height.

Max rider weight: 220 lbs.

Max volume: 26 liters.

Micro Luggage is TSA compliant.

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