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Micro Kickboard offers scooters for children of every age, from age 1 to age 12. Using only the best quality materials to create long-lasting, smooth-gliding and stylish scooters, Micro, with world headquarters in Switzerland, has been making the world's best rated scooters for over a decade. Our children’s 3-wheel kickboards break into three age-appropriate categories: toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary school. Toddlers can start with the Mini 3in1, which offers 3 stable rides for 3 ages, all in one box, for up to age 5. At age 3, the popular Mini, designed perfectly for pre-schoolers, and seen frequently in the celebrity press, will provide hours of fun, exercise and transport to the park with parents. At age 5, your child is ready for the Maxi. Similar to the Mini design, but tougher, smoother, cooler.

Finally, Micro hasn’t forgotten the scooting needs of tweens, teens, and adults. There are even more options available for them because there are so many great ways to incorporate scooting into an energized lifestyle. Be sure to check out our accessories page and pick up a helmet, scooter bag or clip on lights for your scooter’s wheels.


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