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Micro Flex Original



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Micro Flex Original


True to its name, the Micro Flex® treats riders to a sandwiched deck of fiberglass and wood (patented by micro), to make bumps disappear. Performance bearings and large, rebounding polyurethane wheels add to the smooth experience, creating an exceptionally comfortable ride. A padded, adjustable-height handlebar adapts to every member of the family, and the aluminum brake provides speed control even on hills. The Flex Original is a classic!

Additional Information

Wheel Width Normal
Dimensions (Folded) 28" x 11.8"
Steering Choice TBar
Length/width of standing deck 14" x 5.5"
Length/width of scooter 31.5" x 5.5"
Weight capacity 220lbs
Height 23" to 35"
Detailed Specs
  • Our sandwich deck is good to go, layering fiberglass and wood for one smooth ride.
Elysa // Florida
  • AGE RANGE: 13-20 yrs
Great for College Posted on 8/12/14

After riding my (very) old Razor around campus for a week I decided to look into buying a new, larger scooter. I ended up choosing the Micro Flex and am very happy with it! The larger, more shock absorbent tires handle the cracks in the sidewalk very well and allow me to keep up my momentum when going over bumps. (My old one slowed down with every crack). Its very easy to fold up. My only suggestion to Micro would be to add a tiny plastic wheel under the board, in the front, so that when you fold it you can still roll it (ie: it would make it easier to put my folded scooter under my desks in class). I also installed a bicycle cup holder on the hand bars to hold my drink from class to class :)


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BEST VALUE! Posted on 2/14/14

I bought my son Micro Flex Original 3-years ago and have purchased a Maxi and a Micro Balance Bike since then. My kids LOVE their scooters and bike so much that they play with them more than any other toy/scooter/bike, etc. I have ever bought. I would recommend these products to anyone looking for great value, quality, and something their kids will love and have for a long time.


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