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As the exclusive US distributor for Micro-Mobility, Switzerland, we at Micro Kickboard might just be Micro's biggest fans. We know about the work that Micro in Switzerland puts into the design, materials and construction of every Micro® scooter and kickboard, ensuring every component is as good as it can be for performance, durability, and safety. Micro-caliber products deserve best service and when you call David, our Customer Service Manager, you will receive the assistance and information you need.  In the United States, ring us on  888.236.5657 (toll-free, 9am to 8pm Mon-Friday, except weekends and holidays) or send David an email at info@kickboardusa.com.

FEATURES AND TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Do you need some help deciding which scooter or kickboard to purchase? David, or any of our other scooter geeks can help! We all know the features and specifications of all of our scooters and kickboards and are happy to assist. Please contact us if you have a question about our scooters that is not covered in the listing and/or specifications.

MINI or MAXI? That's a question often asked by parents trying to decide for a child that is 4 or 5 years of age.  For children ages 3-5, we generally recommend the Mini Micro. That being said, if your kiddo is near the Mini Micro’s weight limit (44 pounds) or the Mini’s “max rider height” (42 inches), we would instead recommend “bumping up” to the Maxi; many bigger 4-year-olds use the Maxi with great success. The Maxi’s handlebar starts at the same height as the Minis— 24 inches from the deck/standing platform— and is adjustable up to one foot taller, allowing the Maxi to grow with your child. We do not recommend bumping your child up to the Maxi if your child does not weigh at least 35 pounds, as those weighing less than 35 pounds have a harder time steering the Maxi (in addition to engaging its rear brake).

SHIPPING We ship via UPS Ground Service to the continental U.S. only! We do not ship to PO Boxes and/or APO addresses. For all Canada orders please see our Canada website: www.kickboard.ca

WARRANTY and PARTS Micro offers a 2-year warranty from the time of purchase, covering manufacturer's defects.  Please note that Micro scooters are designed for cruising, or standard commuter scooting, and are not designed for jumps, tricks, or other aggressive use.  For those looking to do tricks and stunts, please check out Micro's Mx line of scooters, Micro Xtreme, which are specially designed for freestyle scooting. A great feature of Micro products is that virtually all feature a 'modular' design - this means that the scooters and kickboards feature no welds and each component is unique and replaceable, including the wheels, decks, brakes, hand grips, nuts and bolts, etc. Over time, with extended use, wheels and other parts may need to be replaced, similar to a bike or car.  Or, your scooter/kickboard may require a part that is not covered by warranty.  In those cases, we offer all spare parts for sale on our website at nominal prices, with free shipping.  If a part on your scooter breaks and you are not sure what part is needed, please contact us!  Should the part be easy to install at home, we can send you the component, with instructions. We also can service scooters at our headquarters for all kinds of service requests. All of our parts arrive with straightforward instructions and we have instructional videos on our YouTube page: www.youtube.com/kickboardusa for the many different replacement parts. 

RETURNS and EXCHANGES If you are unhappy with a purchase, please let us know! Customers are free to return merchandise within the first (30) days for a refund/exchange provided the scooter/kickboard has not been used outdoors. Generally speaking, we recommend trying new products indoors first to ensure a good fit— this will keep the option of a return/exchange open, as the wheels will not have any outdoor wear.