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Showing 8 products

Micro Kickboard kids’ scooters come in many varieties because we at Micro Kickboard are always looking for ways to make scooters comfortable and enjoyable for all age groups. As kids grow they need a different set of wheels in order to surf the pavement in the same easy, fluid way. This is why we have created a full complement of scooters for children ages 1 to 12. Our kid’s kickboards break into three age-appropriate categories: toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary kids. Do you have a toddler who’s always on the move, but does not yet have perfect balance? Try our Mini 3-in-1 model. Its ride-on seat attachment can be adjusted or removed so that as your busy bees grow they will not outgrow this scooter - for years.

When you’re ready to pass that 3-in-1 to your next child, give your preschooler our Micro Mini Classic scooter. It’s specifically designed for active but not fully coordinated young ones - it will remain upright, even when your child doesn’t, so if they fall, they can get right back on and keep going.

If your child is a little older, our Micro Maxi is the perfect fit! School aged kids, as they get their balance under control, begin looking at speed and style. But the Micro Maxi scooter offers those as well as safety, so it’s great for kids and their parents. Both the Micro Maxi and the Take a look at all of our kick scooter options to find the right one for your child.

Finally, we haven’t forgotten the scooting needs of tweens, teens, and adults. There are even more options available for them because there are so many great ways to incorporate scooting into an energized lifestyle. Be sure to check out our accessories page and pick up a helmet, scooter bag or clip on lights for your scooter’s wheels.


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