Wim with early version Mini Micro 3in1


Wim Ouboter is the inventor of the Mini Micro, the Maxi
Micro, the Mini 3in1, the Original Micro Two-Wheel
Scooter and the Micro Luggage, all loved for the
practical fun they offer and appreciated for their quality
design and construction.

Wim’s designs have earned him a position as a
Finalist for the TAGIE Award, which honor inventors for
innovative design within the Toy and Game industry.
Voted on by consumers, as well as toy industry experts,
the results will be announced by November 22, 2013, at the awards dinner in Chicago.

We would love for Wim to know how much his designs are loved here!

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You can learn more about what inspires Wim’s designs

by reading his award submission below.

“From the beginning I was inspired to create personal mobility
that featured great design. The scooters would need to be fun
to ride AND be small and lightweight enough that I could carry
them anywhere, even when using them together with public

I started with mobility for adults but soon after Janine and I had
children, I was motivated to create mobility for children too, so
that everyone in the family could ride. Once I began designing for
children my goal was to create transport that was environmental
friendly, compact, and fun to ride for a distance. It was important
for the scooters to feel exceptionally smooth gliding and solid when
riding, and to be durable enough to last for years.

I like to create products that are sustainable so I use as little
material as possilbe, and modular construction is the only thing
that makes sense, adding to the strength of the scooter, but also
literally every part is replaceable — so the scooters can last, virtually

I always try to design scooters that are aesthetically pleasing, even
those for children – we want every piece to have good innovative
design and look smart, in addition to being useful and durable.

These are the basic ideas in my inventions, but it is the finishing
touches, the details in the design and materials, that make each
product exciting and special to me, and I hope for the children who
ride them. The whole team behind micro is driven by innovation and
powered by passion.”


wim with some of his inventions and microlino air in background