Minis and Maxis are planet-friendly and kid-friendly – they’re fuel-free, fun transport!  Scooting is a fast and easy way to get around with your children. Many kids use their Minis and Maxis to get to school, to the park, or for errands with Mom or Dad.  They’re often faster than a car ride (no pollution, no parking, no traffic) and much nicer for planet Earth. We receive many letters from parents whose children use the scooters as a primary mode of transport who all agree that  Minis and Maxis are a great, green mode of mobility — they offer a healthier lifestyle for your children and for the environment. Good for the Earth and Good for You! Below is an excerpt from one such letter, from a mother who has purchased 6 Minis and Maxis for her children and relatives, and who reports that her children have used the scooters to go ‘hundreds and hundreds of miles’ (not all at once:).

Excerpt of email from ‘I also wanted to write to tell you about our experience of using the Mini and Maxi as transport; the scooters have become my children’s primary mode of transportation -they scoot all the way into the town center to help me shop and run errands, they scoot to the doctor and to dinner, and most significantly, they scoot to school. Every day. Rain, shine, ice or snow. Their commute is about 1 mile each way. After school they ride them home – they have become car careful and learned how to be respectful kid commuters. It is really cool. 

Over the course of the year, my kids ride the scooters literally hundreds and hundreds 

of miles. They hold up amazingly well and the kids have such a great time on the scooters, which are, as far as I can tell, the best and safest and most stylish ones on the market. These scooters are a testament to why spending more money on an important belonging really pays off, especially when your kids use them as much as mine do. 

Let us know if you have a ‘green’ story to tell!!