Time Magazine named ArtPrize ‘one of 5 festivals not to miss in 2013′.  A radically open art competition that offers the world’s largest prize, ArtPrize attracts an increasingly diverse group of professional and amateur artists every year, awarding a total of $560,000 at the conclusion of the 17 day festival.  This year there are 1500 installations of art at 169 venues, covering three square miles.  The art is installed in the river, on bridges, in restaurants, museums, studios, parking lots, gardens, almost literally everywhere.  The art and the atmosphere are incredibly exciting.  The only potential problem is how to get around, and since urban mobility is something KickboardUSA specialises in, we asked our graphic designer Mitchell Hatch to create a limited edition ArtPrize Scooter, using the ArtPrize logo as his inspiration.  He created 5 different versions, pictured below.

Scooters are an eco-friendly way to navigate the urban artscape.  They are also very smooth-gliding which makes them fun to ride, and they are foldable and portable, making them a practical, enjoyable way to see ArtPrize.

In addition to donating ArtPrize Scooters to the ArtPrize staff, judges and journalists, Kickboard USA is also a sponsor of ArtPrize.

The ArtPrize scooters can be purchased at the ArtPrize Store, or online at https://store.artprize.org and 25% of proceeds will be donated to ArtPrize.