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 Micro Headquarters, Switzerland

Micro-Mobility is the innovative Swiss designer of the eponymous Mini and Maxi Micro kickboards, campus commuter scooters and other forward-thinking mobility products. Using the latest in sports technology and design, Micro scooters are the highest quality available, sold in 60 countries in over 3000 stores around the world. Learn more about Micro at www.micro.ms

The story behind the creation of the Micro scooter and kickboard has become widely known: Wim Ouboter, who at the time lived just outside Zurich, Switzerland, found it too far to walk to enjoy his favourite bratwurst sausage at the Sternen Grill, but too short a distance to bring out his bicycle. In no time at all, Wim, together with his wife Janine, had invented the simple, mobile and easily foldable scooter, triggering the worldwide boom starting in the year 2000.  Wim and the team went on to create many other award-winning innovations in the years that followed, continuing to this day with the recent award-winning Mini Micro 3in1 and Micro Luggage.  CEO Hans-Peter Bolliger was the early innovator in the sport of freestyle riding (also known xtreme or stunt scooters) and today he leads the global Micro team, one of the top teams in the world!

Micro - Driven by innovation, powered by passion.

Wim Ouboter & Family   Zurich

Wim and Janine Ouboter with sons Oliver and Merlin                                                                                         Micro Team Zurich

Micro Kickboard, Micro Distributor in the U.S.

As the official distributor for Micro in the US, Micro Kickboard sells through specialty stores and online. Owners Geoff and Julie Hawksworth discovered the Micro brand while living in London in 2003. Walking their daughter the kilometre to school, Julie spotted a commuter on a scooter and was so impressed with its design and quality that she went home and ordered one that day. From that day onward their daughter rode her Micro scooter to school and Julie rode it home.  'That was the first of many Micro scooters for our family - we've been a scooter family ever since.  Not only did we love the way the scooters turned a 20-minute walk into a fun 10-minute scoot, we saw that the quality of Micro scooters made them a game-changer for children and adults, taking scooting to a new level for fun and transport.'  In 2007 Julie and Geoff made the jump from the UK to the US and started Micro Kickboard. With their daughter from China, their son from Russia, her husband Geoff, an Englishman, likes to say that Julie, an American, was a like a pirate bringing home her ‘treasures’ from foreign lands!

The Team - David, Eric, Katrina, Katherine, Lavell, Lucas, Megan and Meghan - all kick in to create a fun and hardworking crew of scooter geeks (we talk scooters all day long!). Mitchell, Annie, Mike and Jess are on the creative side and are responsible for the website, together with original designers Square One and Mindutopia. We are grateful to Micro for such well-designed and beautifully constructed products - our goal is to be as good, and as fun, as the Micro products we represent!