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Micro Kickboard

Micro Kickboard is the official US distributor for innovative Swiss company Micro-Mobility, maker of the world's best-rated brand of scooters and kickboards and other innovative products used for urban mobility. Micro leads the revolution in personal transport for urbanites and suburbanites alike and from its start in 1999 Micro has been known for its precision engineering, minimalist designs and quality materials, winning prestigious design awards worldwide. Fuel-free, foldable, smooth-gliding.

Latest Innovations

Micro continues to revolutionize personal transport in 2015 with several new products will expand the alternatives for with several new launches in 2015: Micro Luggage Re-loaded, the luggage that moves you; the Pedalflow, the folding bicycle without a seat - an amazing design that's perfect for short commutes to the office or to the beach, working the glutes as you go, and the Black Ice, the snow scooter designed for terrain parks. Coming next is the e-micro one, micro's electric scooter, slated to be top of its class. Spring 2015.

About Us

Before we start, you should know that it is really all about the product, not us. We first discovered tjhe product while living in London in 2003. Walking our daughter to school, we spotted a commuter on a Micro scooter and fell in love (with the scooter). At first glance we could see the design and quality were exceptional and that day we ordered the first of what would become many Micros for our family. We immediately loved how our Micro turned our 20-minute walk to school into a 10-minute scoot. We also loved that riding was fuel-free and convenient, not to mention fun - micro scooters were helping us create a more eco-friendly lifestyle - we rode to restaurants, to school and to the park. 

In 2007, events conspired to take us from the UK to the US. With the help of Micro HQ in Switzerland and our friends from Micro UK, we started Micro Kickboard to help Micro distribute their products in the USA, first for children and later th adult prodcuts as well. As the official US distributor for Micro we make the products available via our website (microkickboard.com) and via a variety of specialty stores across the US, including lifestyle, baby, sporting, bike, travel and toy. You also can find Micro at a handful of museum shops, most recently at the MoMA.  

As mentioned, our goal is to be as good, as innovative, and as fun, as the products that Micro makes. Our relationships with clients make customer satisfaction central to everything we do. If you don't experience that, please let us know. 

The Team – in alpha order - Ashton, David, Eric, Geoff, Julie, Katie, Katrina, Kris, Lavell, Meghan, Mitchell, Samantha and Tino. With their special talents and personalities our hardworking crew of scooter geeks make everything work. Our days are brightened by conversations with you, so don't hesitate to give us a call about anything at all.  t: 888 236 5657. or write us e: info@microkickboard.com.

There are also a few people outside the company who contribute in such a big way we need to mention them: Mike and Max on the webby end of things, Annie and Jess on the creative side, Rishi with his smart frictionless advice, and Linda on the financial side, all brilliant and much appreciated in what they do!

More about Micro Worldwide Headquarters

As mentioned above, Micro-Mobility in Zurich is the headquarters for Micro Worldwide. Micro applies innovation to everything they do, to their corporate culture, management style, advertising and distribution. They speak of being a Micro 'family' and they truly are. They are loyal, collaborative and always working to continually improve each product. Today, Micro scooters are the highest quality, best-reviewed scooters available, sold in 80 countries and over 4000 stores around the world. Learn more about Micro at www.micro.ms

The story behind the creation of the Micro scooter and kickboard has become widely known: Wim Ouboter, who at the time lived just outside Zurich, Switzerland, found it too far to walk to enjoy his favourite bratwurst sausage at the Sternen Grill, but too short a distance to bring out his bicycle. In no time at all, Wim, together with his wife Janine, had invented the simple, mobile and easily foldable scooter, triggering the worldwide boom starting in the year 2000.  Wim and the team went on to create many other award-winning innovations in the years that followed, continuing to this day with the recent award-winning Micro Mini 3in1, Micro Luggage, Pedalflow and E-micro.  CEO Hans-Peter Bolliger was the early innovator in the sport of freestyle riding (also known xtreme or stunt scooters) and today he leads the global Micro team, one of the top teams in the world!

Micro - Driven by innovation, powered by passion.

Wim Ouboter & Family   Zurich

Wim and Janine Ouboter with sons Oliver and Merlin                                                                                         Micro Team Zurich