What is Micro Kickboard?

Micro Kickboard is the official U.S distributor for the innovative Swiss company Micro-Mobility, maker of the world's best-rated scooters and kickboards used for urban mobility. Micro offers a full line of high-quality scooters, available for ages 1-100.

As mentioned above, Micro-Mobility in Zurich is the headquarters for Micro Worldwide. Micro applies innovation to everything they do, to their corporate culture, management style, advertising and distribution. They speak of being a Micro "family" and they truly are. They are loyal, collaborative and always working to continually improve each product. Today, Micro scooters are the highest quality, best-reviewed scooters available, sold in 80 countries and over 4000 stores around the world. Learn more about Micro at www.micro.ms.

The story behind the creation of the Micro scooter and kickboard has become widely known: Wim Ouboter, who at the time lived just outside Zurich, Switzerland, found it too far to walk to enjoy his favourite bratwurst sausage at the Sternen Grill, but too short a distance to bring out his bicycle. In no time at all, Wim, together with his wife Janine, had invented the simple, mobile and easily foldable scooter, triggering the worldwide boom starting in the year 2000. Wim and the team went on to create many other award-winning innovations in the years that followed, continuing to this day with the recent award-winning Micro Mini 3in1, Micro Luggage, Pedalflow and E-micro. CEO Hans-Peter Bolliger was the early innovator in the sport of freestyle riding (also known xtreme or stunt scooters) and today he leads the global Micro team, one of the top teams in the world!

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Who are we?

Julie, an American, and Geoff, a Brit, first met in London where they both worked as Managing Directors for two financial companies involved in a joint venture. They eventually married and soon after became early adopters of the Micro trend in London, motivated by the quality of the scooters and their ability to get places faster while avoiding traffic jams. After starting their family, Geoff and Julie grew to appreciate and depend on the benefits of the wide range of Micro scooters, most of all how eco-friendly and convenient scooting is as a form of family fun, exercise, and transport.

Their passion led them to approach Micro-Mobility about selling the brand in the US, and they moved to America in 2007 to launch their distribution company, which now sells Micro Kickboard products via a growing number of specialty stores around the country. They are enjoying watching the rise in popularity of scooter use among families and individuals, urbanites and suburbanites, last-mile commuters, grocery shoppers and kindergarteners.

Meet the Micro team

meghan kriekaard

general manager

I graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in Behavioral Science. I am a step-mother to two amazing boys who have brought me more joy than I ever could have imagined. I enjoy binge watching shows on Netflix and am a HUGE fan of anything Disney – which is where I got married!

Favorite Scooter: Micro White

david stebbins

customer service manager

I am a graduate of Grand Valley State University and have lived in West Michigan for most of my life. I love to spend my free time playing basketball, playing music, and hanging out with my wife and dog. Also, I am a huge fan of fountain pop and pick several fountain pops up on my way into work each day.

Favorite Scooter: Flex Blue

lavell mcclain

warehouse manager

I am a proud father and loving husband, I'm considered handy in a lot of different areas. My skills include master grilling, landscaping and basketball just to name a few. I am the biggest Detroit Lions fan you will ever meet.

Favorite Scooter: Micro Suspension

eric hren

staff accountant

I am currently working toward my Master's degree in Professional Accountancy at Davenport University all while working for Micro full time. It is very grueling, but I enjoy the coursework. I could not ask for a better group of people to work with every day. In my free time, I like to read, cook, groom my glorious beard, and ride my Micro Flex Blue, of course!

Favorite Scooter: Flex Blue

jamie rau

marketing coordinator

I am a BSBA graduate of Ferris State University. I and am a proud wife/mama and enjoy kayaking, cooking, and spending time with my fur babies.

Favorite Scooter: Micro White

kaitlyn taylor

sales coordinator

A world traveler, adventure seeker, weekend warrior, daydreamer and complete minimalist that enjoys the simple things in life. As a Photojournalism graduate, you will always find me behind the lens documenting my travels and adventures, and sharing it with the world on my blog. I enjoy van life adventures in my 1981 VW Vanagon, mountain biking, snowboarding, micro breweries, the great outdoors and sharing these experiences with my husband and English Setter pup, Peugeot.

Favorite Scooter: Micro White

katie glendening

account management

I graduated from Indiana University, and am a proud Hoosier! In my free time I enjoy spending time in Northern Michigan with friends and family, cheering on our Detroit sports teams, and hanging with my Great Dane, Hank!

Favorite Scooter: Micro White


Donations & Blog Coordinator

A Michigan transplant from Chicago, I previously worked as a teacher and in benefits consulting.  Working with scooters definitely takes the cake!  I love spending time with my family and enjoy science fiction movies, reading, and spending time outdoors.

Favorite Scooter: Micro Black

megan stebbins

Team Member/Client Relations

Originally a Hoosier, I moved to Michigan in 2004 to attend Grand Valley State University. I graduated in 2008, and I'm proud to call Grand Rapids my home! My hobbies include watching sports, cooking, and listening to live music. My husband and I have a spunky 5-year-old dog named Kozmo.

Favorite Scooter: Flex Blue

mitchell hatch

design & advertising

I thoroughly enjoy turtles.

Favorite Scooter: Micro Suspension

valentino shepard

warehouse associate

I'm Originally from E.Stl Illinois, I spend my time playing sports and watching sports. When I'm not doing that I spend time with my wife and daughter friends and family.

Favorite Scooter: Micro Suspension

Where are we?

Micro Kickboard, the Official US Distributor for Micro is located in the great state of Michigan. We are specifically located in Grand Rapids, Michigan which has recently (and rightfully) been recognized as a Number One Travel Destination in the US, Beer City USA, Best City for Raising a Family, One of America's Most Underrated Cities and the list goes on...we like where we live!

Whether transplants or born and bred in this state, we are proud Michiganders. Here are some tips for identifying Michiganders and to help you fit in the next time you visit:

  • We like to "Go Up North' and recommend you visit "Up North" as well. While you may be traveling East or West to spend time on the Lake Shore, it's "Up North".
  • If we pull out our hand to show you where in the Mitten State we are from, do not be alarmed. 
  • We drink pop, not soda.
  • Euchre is the card game of choice. 
  • We enjoy Detroit Sports. 
  • Michigan or Michigan State? You decide.

Come and visit the Mitten state, and don't forget your Micro Scooters!


Micro Mobility is available in over 80 countries around the world. See where in the world Micro is here.

Why Shop at Micro?

  • Micro Kickboard is the official US distributor for Micro; receive high-quality scooters and kickboards from the source.
  • Fast Shipping! Most orders arrive within 2-5 business days
  • We want to take care of you! Our customer service team is available to serve you Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm EST
  • Be green, have fun, and make memories with our award winning line of kickboards and scooters.
  • Micro Kickboard has the largest and most up-to-date selection of Micro products in the US.

Micro in the community

Micro is committed to fostering and supporting healthy, positive communities. By donating thousands of scooters each year, Micro hopes to cultivate a sense of active transport; encouraging people to be outside and active together while making memories, having fun and getting where they need to be on time (cut the time of walking in half!). Micro supports local community initiatives and hopes to impact local communities in a positive way.


scooters for schools

Supporting the scooting community of moms, dads and children who buy Micro products is important to us and we can't think of a better way than through support of your schools.

Towards that goal of supporting your children and your schools, each week Micro Kickboard will donate 1 scooter to a school holding a fundraising event.

If your school is holding a fundraising event and you are interested in soliciting a donation for it, please just click the link below and complete the form. One (1) winner will be chosen each Monday, from entries made by Sunday at midnight PST. The winner will be listed here on this page and contacted by email each Monday before 5pm PST.

Please note that all donated scooters will be shipped 3-4 weeks prior to the event and delivered directly to the school. To enter to win a scooter for your school fundraiser, click here.

This Week's Winning School:

Shepardson STEM Elementary School (Fort Collins, CO)