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PedalFlow Teen + Adult
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Balance G-Bike -
Balance G-Bike 2 years+
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Kickboard Original -
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Suspension Scooter - color Bronze
Suspension Scooter Teen + Adult
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Why Mom & Dad Need a Scooter, too!

We hear so often how much parents love their children's scooters - so much that they are hopping and riding their kids scooters. Well, if you haven't heard, we have adult scooters! That's right. Two-wheeled or three-wheeled scooters specifically designed for adults that are socially acceptable for you. In fact, we see celebs, pro-athetes, and even business men/women cruising...

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7 Trick or Treating Safety Tips by Micro Kickboard

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The Micro Suspension: The Ultimate Commuter Scooter

The Micro Suspension scooter is an outstanding piece of Swiss design and engineering that is perfect for city-scoots or last mile commuters. With front and rear suspension it makes scooting along bumpy or uneven pavements an absolute breeze. The suspension system absorbs the shock of rough or jarring ground to allow you to scoot along effortlessly.

Sep, 10th 2015 5:31:43 PM